LE CAB - 3 Day Event

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Daytona955, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. So how did it go for everyone??
  2. Look's like they're playing it close to their chests.
  3. I have heard reports of a stretcher race at the end!!!! WTF!!! Queen of Scotland also put in an appearance too!
  4. Was he there to ID the Brethern?

    (I thought he had left?)
  5. No the aprons did that
  6. What, they have cookery classes on the CAB nowadays?
  7. Yes. And there's lots of hand shaking and hoky-kokying as well.


    Was Bishop not there? You'd have thought given the run of 'luck' he's had in the past 3 years, he'd have chanced his arm. Never mind, maybe Lenny will fix it for him to win the lottery instead.

    Althogether now...."Len'll fix it......Len'll fix it for yoo-oo-oooo and yoooo!!!!" 8)
  8. Cookery? There was me thinking that it was a 'charity' event.
  9. must be a nightmare for the AGC trying to get commissions since the RAMC decided to only take from within their own ranks (Big mistake!)
  10. Makes you wonder though Filbert, why the RAMC felt that the applicants from other badges were the stronger candidates.

    Why do you feel that they are making a mistake by closing their doors now?
  11. Outside candidates (although a pain as their knowledge of the Corps and how it works were pretty much non-existant they knew alot more about the wider army than the 'I am in the RAMC therefore you owe me a commission' CMTs (obviously not all of them have this attitude)

    Word on the scab lifting, box painting, tent erecting street is that one or two woefully ineffective candidates are now bimbling around with 3 pips.
  12. At least RMP lead the way on that one :)
  14. Well you obviously know better, so I better retract that comment then eh?
  15. Best to be 'cautious' eh Biscuits?

    Tell me was this event held in Bicester this year?