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Discussion in 'Officers' started by QManWpns, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. Sirs/gentleman some advice please, As an AQMS with 15 years service I am considering my commisioning options, I am also completing a psychology degree as I was interested in the HR aspect of management. Obviously, REME is an option but the way our LEs are treated and the crap jobs that are on offer does not wet my appetite at all. ETS is an option but I am mindful that only 2 WOs were selected last year, from a large field.With my transferable skills as an Artificer and my marketable skills as a graduate psychologist are there any other avenues that I could explore ie, Int or is this my lot....apart from the boys in blue of course :? .......I would welcome any sensible responses thanks. :D
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The Sappers have taken ex REME tiffies (mainly from ASM) on commission straight into the RE LE roster. You will find that the RE LE career path is very wide ranging, with many 'traditional' DE posts being filled by LE commissions. As well as the normal Ech Comd/QM roles, there are LEs as troop commanders, squadron 2ICs and squadron commanders, SO3s and SO2s (not just in G4), a couple of front line Regt 2ICs, ATRA instructors etc. You will find that coming from a technical background the change in Arm is not as severe as with other options.

    PM me if you want to know more
  3. Very dependent on how keen you are to remain Regular Army. Other options worth considering would be applying for a NRPS post such as PSAO or how about Commissioning into the TA and getting a job in civvy street. I know a former ASM who is now the Quality Systems Manager for one of the UK's biggest companies and it is very forces friendly (reg & reserve). Happy to put you in touch if you PM me.
  4. The ETS is a good option but you are right that they aren't commissioning many LEs at the moment. With a degree in psychology and an Artificer background you definitely have the right skill set. A lot of people get rejected because they clearly just want a commission or teaching qualification (the ETS will pay for you to do a PGCE). You would need to convince the board why you want an ETS Commission (not just a commission) and why you want to teach within the ETS, as opposed to just teach.

    Why not get in touch with your local AEC and find out a bit more about what they do and what opportunities there are for LEs. More likely than not they will have an LE on staff, and quite possibly he'll be ex REME, as most of them seem to be! If nothing else, while you're there you can ask for a Personal Development/Resettlement advice interview and explore some of your other options.

  5. Also for ETS bear in mind that your degree needs to be Honours not just a pass. They may have only taken 2 this year, but a couple of years back they took 8 in a oner
  6. I don't know who you are being briefed by - obviously not one of the 13 REME LE Lt Cols (More than any other cap badge). LAD command, field force Wksp command, E1 and E2 DE staff appointments in every rank and one REME ex LE officer now with red tabs.

    As I see it, you get employed on the basis of your ability and skill set. Some are not so lucky if they are not up to the competition.

    If you want to be a schooly then I believe the AGC LE commissioning DCI is at the printers, should be out shortly.

    Bon chance
  7. To add to Chimera's post, Sapper LE's seem to be pretty happy with the variety of posts available and the career prospects. My last OC was an LE (HQ Sqn ) and always said it was one of the best jobs in his (long ) career. Also they generally enjoy Mess life, each Sqn has a QM and therefore each Regt will have quite a large LE contingent who delight in nothing more than joining the subbies for a "couple of drinks." I have paid the price on a few morning PT sessions.
  8. Well thanks to all who replied to my post.

    Thanks M B for your points I have already spoken to LE ETS Officers at 47 AEC ,42 AEC and 2 AEC. I am also aware that two ex REME Tiffies have come off the beige board and have SO2 appointments one at DISDC and the other at DSTS.
    Thanks for the PD advice have an interview with the IERO just to keep up to speed on my options for civi strasse.

    Thanks F-T-B at the mo Im heading for a BSc (Hons) with a 2.1

    Thanks for your candid post H that information was cascaded down from my very own SO2, who recently attended one of the Directors symposiums.
    Our Director also stated that the SO2(ES) function would become solely a DE Officer responsibility and that there was now enough "blue blood" in the system to soak up the command appointments within the corps. OC LADs for example (as 1 st line Wksp establishments under the MPAs are now obsolete).
    My very own SO1 is an LE, so I am aware that the REME does has more senior officers who are LE than any other Corps/Regiment, but I also believe those demographics are on the wane.
    It is fierce competition 1 commisssion per 4-5 applicants but an LE can achieve success and achieve that self actualisation "The one with the red tabs"...of course
    The ETS is still an option as I understand that there is more of a structured career path and not the poly-filler appointments that most LEs within the Corps are in;UWO,RCMO,MTO,CPDO and 2IC Holding Company SEAE.
    Cynicism out the way, yes there are also those command appointments my previous OC was an LE, Wksp Commander. but what about attendence to JSCC? for LEs it is on a fill up basis only and attaining an in-service Masters? Well I know of not one LE who has been to Shrivenham as of yet.
    I also mentioned the "boys in blue" RAF their career path is more structured, no such thing as an LE ( everyone attends IOT Cranwell) everyone goes into the pot to be considered for JSCC.....just an option that my SO2 mentioned at my recent interview............its just those blue worsted trousers I possibly couldnt get on with.....Joke aside thankyou for your input I would welcome a response.


    Thanks for your input R-H I shall weigh up all my options before completing my B 225A.
  9. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Mil Sec Policy is that DE and LE officers are to be offered equal employment opportunity. It will be interesting to see if this policy gets the OK from Gen Freddie (Mil Sec) and if it can be maintained.

    However in the real world....

    I know that MS5 (No 5 Board who select Capts and Majs for appointments) do tend to just "rubber stamp" E1 appointments (RD and E1 - capbadge - staff appointments)

    When selecting officers for E2 (Any capbadge) appointments, DE and LE officers are considered equally by No 5 Board. Of course some E2 jobs may be a non-starter for some LE officers (depending on the experience and qualifications listed in the Job Spec).

    Certainly within my own command my chain of command (a bunch of quite senior people) we are very happy to take a good LE officer for an E2 SO2 appointment if he graded better than any DE officer put forward to the board.
  10. I would normally have suggested the RAMC as an excellent career opportunity, however, the days when the LE cadre worked along with the DEs in the Corps is now long gone and the playing field far from level.

    On paper it is fair but DEs get the shout over LEs everytime for choice jobs.

    That said, if you transfer to DE TORs (if offered) you can compete with them but age will always be against you.........!

    British Army Review No. 134 (Summer 2004) has an excellent article about your chances of promotion as an LE on page 23.
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  11. Or those ersatz Harrington jackets with zips up the front? Or the god-awful side-caps? And the people, my dear!!