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Could anyone answer this question for me, when someone is successful on LE Commissioning what happens pension wise, if they are on the 75 pension can they remain on that.

Thanks in advance
Are you about to commission?


lol, you don't by chance work in my local admin office do you?????

Thanks for the advice but JPAC just say that I should speak to my HR department for rules and regs as it doesn't affect my current wage.

My HR Dept say I should speak to JPAC. has anyone else ever experienced this problem, this is the reason I have brought the question here as this is where (in my experience) some helpful people hang out.
A friend of mine took LE last April and had to convert to the new pension scheme.
On your commissioning paperwork there will be a section on pensions, dependant on waht they offer you in terms of commission. It has been a while since I last personally dealth with a commission, but I would have thought if you ring JPAC and speak to the pensions section they should be able to asist as they have the latest regs etc
I am not sure if the pensions calculator on JPA / intrannet could help?
Unlucky_Alf said:
The original Offer to Transfer was always intended to be a one off and I can't see that being altered for LE Commissioning.

I believe the wording says it all. Now-a-days it isnt an offer.


Had a look at it but you get to tell it what you are on so not helpful although it does make me think that if I can stay on 75 then I would probably go for the commission. 05 still makes me think that the government weren't going to offer me anything that was to my benefit (my opinion only).

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