LE and DE Officers in the RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    What is the general feeling about LE as compared to DE Officers?

    It would sometimes seem that the RLC shoots itself in the foot by ony accepting WO1 applications.

    I recall about 5 years ago a large number of MTI/MSI WO2 realised they would never get to WO1 rank due lack of places. The RLC would not accept them due to being WO2 and were welcomed with open arms into the RAMC as LE Captains.

    This is apparently repeating itself with an AT WO2 being offered a place in the RE.
  2. hence the current state of the RAMC!
  3. In what capacity?
  4. Probably in a similar (but opposite) capacity as the 2 RE Capts & 1 LCpl who have been offered a place in the RLC with a view to going ATO/AT! :)
  5. Marvellous! been saying we should poach some tame wedge for ages.
  6. Presumably these can only be Capts that are unable to secure an IRC or Reg C with the Sappers. There can be no other possible explanation for them wanting to transfer. Given time, they will probably make at least 1* rank in the RLC.
  7. Or possibly they fancy finding something out about the bombs before calling themselves experts.
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself :!:
  9. Could someone tell me if it is a prerequisite of a Sapper Officer to have no charisma / personality on joining or is it surgically removed on the Tp Comd’s cse?
  10. Please tell me that you are only having a laugh and that you don't actually believe the drivel that you write. What would anyone in the RLC know about charisma?

    Following your line of reasoning (in the loosest sense of the word) is it also a prerequisite for all RLC officers to come in the bottom 20% at Sandhurst?
  11. Ethel

    Don't bite, I am sure he was only baiting you - and of course mediocre Sappers will make RLC 1 star. I for one am terrified at the thought of such august competition....
  12. TA RLC would be dead and gone by now if we hadn't had so many WO2s willing to accept a LE Commission. And not just TA WO2s - fairly standard source of new Offrs now is to Commission a Reg WO2 "leaver" into the TA.

    As a one pip-wonder away back when it was usually the LE Capt in the Unit who pulled my ass out of the proverbial. And far more often than I care to admit :D
  13. I was under the impression that the RE only accepted WO1 applicants for commission (as do the RLC), unless you are a graduate.
    There even reluctant to commission CoW's, who they desperately require to fill GE posts, until they are WO1 (unless they have gained a degree).
    So an AT (non Degree), must be f**king awesome (I await the typical Loggie "Of course were awesome" replies)!!!
  14. As usual Ford you have nothing constructive or useful to say on any topic.

    I suspect you do not require DPM, you are so dull!
  15. There is no were about it old chap, we're awesome!