Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ewan2000, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. I am thinking about jumping ship from my Corps and into the world of aviation as an LE (groundcrew type).

    Just after any experiences good or bad from LE's that have made similar steps.....expecting a lot from the Wattisham area :D
  2. The Corps are pretty much putting the brakes on with regard to LE transfers into the Corps. We are apparently over subscribed in the LE department and we are supposedly trying to address the balance by recruiting DE groundcrew officers. We will be reducing the amount of old, experienced LEs and replacing them with 'qualified leaders' straight from RMAS.

    If you are thinking of coming across, do it now before the door is firmly shut!

    BTW, what is your current unit?
  3. "Qualified leaders from RMAS".............now thats an Oxymoron..just like some of the Born Leaders.

    You OK "Flash"?
  4. PM'd you Flash

  5. I nearly typed it with a straight face. :D :D

    PS. ewan2000, PM sent. ;)