LDs Swanton Morley.


Have just been informed that my posting to 39 Engineers has been cancelled. I'm now being posted to the L.D's, can anybody give me a heads up. I'm due to arrive in June.

Have just finished a 3.5 year posting with LD LAD as Art Veh.
The LAD itself is superb and nobody has a bad word to say about it. The Regt is a different matter.

1. Bullshit is everywhere (The CAV call it tradition) ensure your No 2 Dress is on the ball because it will be your second skin.

2. The current RSM does not like REME at all and will take every opportunity to shit on you.

3. The unit is extremely busy, in my 3 years the unit went on ops 3 times, currently they have C Sqn in Afghan they are due back in Apr and will be replaced by B Sqn.

4. As the unit has CVR (T) expect to work your balls off, the kit is 20 odd years old and needs to be replaced.

5. PT, hopefully you are fit as they love their PT, CO's run every Friday where they take the whole regiment out in squad for about 5-7 miles, no mater what the weather.

6. Mess life, generally very good, especially WO & Sgts' Mess, Cpls' Mess very active.

7. Swanton Morley, in the middle of nowhere, lovely village location. 14 Miles West of Norwich (good night life).

Generally i had a great time, which on the odd occasion was ruined by bullshit and **** individuals from the Regt.

You will enjoy the posting if you arrive in the right frame of mind....Remember a posting is only as good as what you make it.

Good Luck
Swanton Morley - or Swampy Mortuary as I knew it as a crab cadet in the 1980s. An apt description of the climate and how lively the place was!



Thanks for the heads up.
Unfortunately i may have to move into the WO's &Sgt's mess when i get there. What is it about RSM's hating attached personnel?? You'd think that by now they would realise that they'll always need us and we'll never need them. I reckon i may receive quite a few port fines during the course of my posting. As a good old B mech i will probably be more than a little rusty on CVRT's although i'll soon pick it back up. As for the ginger drinking suit (No 2's) what's the score there?



I was there this week visiting the medics and am due back same time next year and have already put the leave pass in. The rain/hail came in sideways at mach 3, never saw anyone smile, high point of the day (apart from finding the main gate on the way home) was the queue for save to starve. Heard that LDs have been awarded a 5 year continuance at SW so they must have really upset someone. Sorry, but my opinion may be the result of only being there overnight, however I fear that had it been longer, the urge not to be there would have been greater.

I am posted there in June too. Should be interesting as it is my first armoured posting! Will be living in the mess too so see you there. Have you been told whether your going out to afghan?



I'm led to believe that i won't be going out to Afghan unless i go out as a BCR.My LTA is the 20th, how about you?
commando_caz said:
my mate is goin there as tiffy weapons.
not sure how he will get on after just comin out of the closet and moving in with his boyfriend!

Well, that'll make em the only gays in the village!

The Yorkshire element will be fine to them, not so the Geordies who think blokes that where coats in winter in the northeast are faggots!
My LTA is 11th. I am going out, not till end of july tho. Hopefully will be a quick introduction to half the regiment, lol!!



I'm paying the unit a visit on the 17th April, hopefully i'll then get a better idea of what's going on. My only concern is the fact that they had me down as an electronic tech on the welcome pack when i'm actually a B mech. I'll put it down to a cut & paste error.



According to the welcome pack i'm going to HQ Sqn, but then again it had me down as an electronic tech. I'll hopefully find out next month.
I'm gobsmacked by bladders comments. i left the lad just over a year ago and it was by far my best posting. if they are an example of what cav are like then please give me another posting! the rsm doesn't dislike reme he dislikes everyone, but he is a good bloke tho. lived in (married unaccompanied) the mess and it's great. the accomodation is a very low standard but the social side was fantastic. norwich is just down the road and i would compare that to york. if you get the opportunity to go to cavmem (cavalry memorial) then go for it, a unique, awesome experience but take your wallet. there is plenty of work and they are busy but find me a unit that isn't working its nuts off.

the only downside is wearing no 2s frequently and the embellishments but that is small potatoes.

people tend to build walls between capbadges as it is an easy thing to do. if you make an effort to fit in then you will find what a good bunch they are.

hope you enjoy your time there coiled_spring



Cheers for the info, i too will be going down the married unaccompanied route, it's just a little bit too far to commute. There is a running club in Dereham that i will join so at least that will occupy me for a couple of nights a week. I think that the missus would crucify me if i went out every night. I spent 4 years in Plymouth and was never in!!!!!

As it's my last posting i can take whatever they throw at me, saying that though i've never really had a bad posting yet. Then again i have never done a battalion workshop. I have done 7 bn, but as i'm not a BAT it doesn't count.
Coiled_Spring said:

I'm paying the unit a visit on the 17th April, hopefully i'll then get a better idea of what's going on. My only concern is the fact that they had me down as an electronic tech on the welcome pack when i'm actually a B mech. I'll put it down to a cut & paste error.

Or they're about to rip out your common sense and install a geek module! LOL!



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The LDs are a great Regt and a mentioned before the RSM doe not dislike the REME he dislikes everyone, its his job. A posting is what you make of it so go there with a positive attitude.


Is it true the locals have webbed feet in that area. SM, visited it once and fortunate to never return. Makes Bordon seem attractive to live in.