Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chosenman145, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi all.

    I have been asked to lead a team in the afore mentioned competition in March but have never heard of it before now as we are new to the London district.

    Has anyone got any information, stories, pictures or any other tit bits that would be of use to me in the planning process.


  2. msr

    msr LE

    Try using the 'Search' link above
  3. .......
  4. Yeah I have recieved the Admin Instruction and it does look like the usual mil skills comp.

    Who is going from ARRSE then?

  5. Will be helping out in training, wonder if it will have the same RSM down as last time.
  6. Well done to 256. Can anyone who took part still walk this morning?
  7. First time I've not been in a team for years!!!!

    Hope it changed from the last format? Any Archery?
  8. No archery - fair amount of tabbing (20-25 miles) over the period of the weekend. Congrats to 256 Fd Hosp!
  9. so who won, came second....last, etc?
  10. How many teams this year? Up or down from previous?

    What stands were there?

    Even after last years effort and swearing never to return, I would have done it if we had a team.....!

    Well done 256!
  11. Trophy
    1. 256 Fd Hosp
    2. 31 Sigs
    3. 579 Fd Sq Engineers

    1. 31 Sigs
    2. 579 Fd Sq Engineers

    Theres was an unbelievable amount of tabbing! :eek: :eek: Never want to see the bridge at Longmoor ever again. But it was a really good comp and well done to 256. Our unit really need to pick the team a little earlier than the tuesday of the comp if we're taking part next year! :D
  12. no infantry in the list - were they excluded?
  13. No, they just didn't win anything...

    Although congratulations should go to all teams who competed. With the distances travelled it was an excellent effort all round.
  14. Did 4 Para take part this year?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No. Bn Para serials on the cards, so no team entered. Of course, the sorties were eventually scrubbed, but no surprises there!