LCpl's in the RAF???

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by lifesabummer, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Just watching the Queens Colour Sqn at the festival of rememberance and they had guys with LCpl rank badges on.

    Anyone shine a light on why??

    P.S. Stunning performance fella's.
  2. You wouldn't guess that that was the reason I came on here.
  3. Introduced earlier this year I believe to bridge the gap between SAC to Cpl.
  4. Its only in the RAF Reg I think, come in about 12 months ago?
  5. What about the singing Flt Lt

    Can someone please remind me why we are cutting the RAF? A dance troop and a singer!!
  6. Does that mean if you are an LAC, you are just about a recruit in Army terms then? Surely not....
  7. An AC is a recruit. LAC on pass out for about a year.
  8. First introduced as you say in the RAF regiment but to be rolled out to all later on
  9. Source please Leolion, RAF Regt official briefings, and the staff work that went into getting the rank, said it would only be for them due to the need to recognise the section 2i/c and the responsibility he has.