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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GSSigs, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. I was promted to substansive Cpl in Feb. I have yet to be paid as such and JPA is still showing me as LCpl

    How long should it take to catch up?

    I assume that i will be back paid the difference from my substansive date.

    I have spoken with my clerk but she seems to be getting the "its JPA" excuse from whoever she talks to.

    Thanks in advance
  2. delete "UNICOM" fault

    insert "JPA"

    for the clerks get-out clause nowadays.
  3. GSSigs, If you were promoted in Feb then your Shineys should have sorted out your paperwork before the JPA rollout.

    Since then it may well be a JPA problem in which case you will no doubt have to go down the JPAC route.

    Speak to your sqn/coy whatever clerk and get them on the case.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Changing you to Cpl on JPA is easy, it will take your staff about two minutes..the back pay is slightly more complicated and will involve JPAC (insert extra days here...)..get onto your RAO straight away and ask why they haven't you changed you to a Cpl.
  5. Sub promotion is done by Career Managers (MCM Div), only Acting Rank is done at unit level, as this is a Legacy Issue it will be sitting at MCM Div for some bloke to get to you in his pile of work, agreed, not really acceptable, however, unavoidable according to them.
  6. Can you not just use the career manager "profile" to do it? Granted I've not actually done any promotions yet, other than from OR to OF which requires JPAC fiddling because of the money situation.
  7. Career Manager Profile for Acting Rank only, Sub Promotion must be done by MCM Div (Career Manager).


  8. D'oh. So the "substansive promotion" change of engagement option etc is just a falsity really?
    Not really my job in all honesty but its good to be up to speed.
  9. You may well have the facility under Career Manager (which MCM Div will clearly have as they are the "Career Managers"), however, I don't think that it's supposed to be used at Unit Level, check the BPG on promotion.
  10. Guys I have now had two like this for guys within my unit. This is a MCM Div issue. Yes Unit Career Manager can promote but should promote only for Acting Rank although some MCM Divs including R SIGNALS are not allowing this due to mistakes made within Units.

    The answer I would suggest is get your CC/RAWO to contact MCM Div. Do not raise an I Support as ten days later you will get the reply this is a MCM Div issue and JPAC cannot action.

    In the meantime your HR Admin can raise one of the new spreadsheets to get your pay sorted up until 31 Mar 07. They only need to complete the basics as, if unsure, the SMEs will complete the remainder.

    Good luck.

  11. Not 100% but I do not think that you are supposed to use the IRP spreadsheet (albeit the new one) for promotion as this still comes under MCM Divs for legacy issues.
  12. I haven't done a promotion at unit level however having experienced inputting AIPs on JPA with dates pre 01 Apr 07 it has not kicked in the Increment Rise. Therefore I presume that inputting a promotion pre 01 Apr 07 will have the same result? :?

    I suppose the easy answer is get MCM Div to input and see what happens!

  13. Roger that, I have had experience of this, we had a Maj promoted to Lt Col in Jan 07, it took the MCM Div until July to sort it, I was told that their would be a delay due to the backlog of legacy issues, meanwhile, we were giving the Lt Col advances on the MOD 300 and holding on to them until the pay issue had been sorted, you canno't hold on to EPIC's, they must be paid within 30 days.
  14. Whats the score with AIP's then??
  15. cheers everybody

    I have chased with my admin bod and they are trying to sort it

    Thanks again