LCPL to CPL promotion board......

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by woopwoop, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys and gals, anyone know when the said above board comes out.... i looked on ArmyNet but as you can imagine 'wait out'
    all help is greatful
  2. The Board results will be released on Thursday 7th Aug, 0800 hrs, as it shows on Army Net.

    The information has already been leaked/released to some units who have informed the appropriate pers on results, some of those picked up have been informed as they would be on summer leave when results are released.

    Dont u just love a Switched on Cheese & Onion. :wink:
  3. hmm, not released as yet on Armynet.
    Anyone got a copy of CMT list? (not for me, the wife)
  4. Please be patient it can take a little time (days,weeks,months :wink: )

    A Lot of ppl are still waiting, and im sympathetic to your situation, but it is down to glasgow to pass the file to army net and get them to update it.
    (i think thats how it happens. if any1 knows any different please pipe up.)

    The CMT/HCA/NURSE/ODP/EHT/DOG Handler list is all together grouped by trade in alphabetical order. When you download the Excel file from Armynet just click on the AMS tab at the bottom of the page.

    i know of a few other people who are awaiting results. They have been released today and units would have notified the corrects pers, unless the unit is on block leave.

    Good luck to whoever is hoping to be picked up. :D

    All the Best

  5. Got it off Dii in the end, Now have a very annoyed wife!

    Does anyone know if a unit f#cking up her CR 2 years in a row constitutes a career foul? (last year, signed but clerks didnt send until sept, this year Doc didnt bother to write it yet, said it will be late)

    this would have been recommendation no.3 if that helps
  6. Theres obviously something not right there.. I know of people that have come off this board on there first Recommendation, Dont you just love the RAMC..

  7. Yeah, I know one on there who got their first in very dubious circumstances (you drop the charges, we'll promote you) and now 2nd tape, only been in about 4 years!
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Welcome to the AMS promotion merry go round- who said it had to be fair?
  9. Trust me, its exactly the same in my lot too.

    Does anyone know where it is in black and white what constitutes a career foul??
  10. Don't suppose anyone has the list that they could email or check on for me? My hubby is well due to get his promotion today but as we are on leave he hasn't heard.....?

  11. PM me his name & regt no., I have a print out
  12. OK so I got my Promotion but now I need 2b posted I'm an ODP where can I go and where's best? there are the MDHU's 1,3 & 16CS 22,33&34field, cypres and ireland but are there any others plus whats a shit hot posting and which ones are just shit
  13. What happened to the good old days when all you needed for promotion was a place in the corps football team, not being racist but I think we all know a particular coloured chap who seemed to do quite well for his self, despite him being as thick as a bucket of mince.

    The RAMC promotion "raffle" has always been a bit cack. To put the cherry on the cake I've heard "Wiggy" made half colonel.

    I know it sounds like a rant but it isn't......simple truth

  14. The best thing is when your unit (at home) disregards a special CR which is raised on tour because it was too close to your annual CR date and they wanted to write it themselves, they send it to the board and find out that the board wasn't for your specific trade and rank because such a board doesnt exist. So You've waited for nothing. You've done your courses (JMQC CLM2) and are just told to wait out until they know what they are gonna do. WOOHOO!! I reckon a bloody magician couldn't surprise me any more, I've heard it all. Sorry to bore just thought I'd chimf a little. :x
  15. Nurseboy, I take it from your name your a nurse? if so, why the moaning? The powers that be give you your acting Coporal when you qualifiy dont they? Many other trades are promoted on merit not exam results!