Discussion in 'RLC' started by Spoons, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. What bright spark came up with the idea of releasing the latest promotion board while half the Corp is on block leave? Many of the lucky recipiants are out of the country and are hard to contact and the dead-line for PPPs is the date that most Regiments return to work. Therefore, there is less time than normal to advise the soldiers and for them to make the correct career decision, thereby penalising those soldiers who are in working units and get block leave.
  2. I dont really think that its MCM Divs fault that units decided to send troos on leave when they do!
    If the LCpls who thought they may be up for the board had any sense surely theyd have already filled one in and had it on file at their unit. Duty clerk could then have sent them on once the signal was received.
    The date for the results to be released is known by your units well in advance.
  3. ....coupled with the fact that the JNCOs in question will have left contact info on their leave pass and they are only a phone call away.
  4. not only that, but the board is already on armynet so anyone who is expecting it can find out there!!
  5. what a ridiculous comment to make spoons. the board result dates are set in stone and were published last year (at least).

    perhaps as an OC you should have anticipated this problem weeks ago, made your lads who were in the frame for promotion fill in a PPP, and ensured they were aware of the requirement to give usable contact details for where they would be on 5th August...?

    or you can blame a clerk :)
  6. All in all a well thought out post spoons! :D
  7. No No No... You all mis-understood spoons...What he meant to say was ...
    Yo Yo Yo,

    Im known az spoons innit!
    An I'z lookin at comin off the full screw board an I iz gonna be on leeve when its out man! But I dont really deserve promotion coz I cant fink for myself or be bofered to ang around an find if I ave been picked up, coz I fink everyfink should be done for me innit! An dont fink for 1 minute I iz gonna be lookin after no section that I might ave to command.. Coz us full screws dont ave to do that anymore..

    What I iz really meanin iz that maybe the army should wipe ma arrse for me an relese these promotion fings when I aint on leave eh!

    Peace Out man......

  8. except i think spoons is an officer marky, you c0ck :)
  9. I sincerely hope not! Well I suppose that's why the Army has a published Dyslexia policy, so as not to discriminate against illiterate fools like that!
  10. booyacka.
  11. C0ck was a bit harsh innit!
  12. how is life now you are posted marky.
  13. What's block leave :?
  14. WAH
  15. I am sure if you were on it someone would have told you early