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  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, he is a monumental spaccer

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  3. No

  4. No, he is a monumental spaccer

  1. Does anyone know this f@cking idiot?

    CLICKY**I am an idiot!!**CLICKY
  2. What a nob, selling a spot map!
  3. Have the Monkey's been informed of this tw@t?
  4. Not as yet.
  5. What a fool.
  6. Job's a good un.

    Nail the Barsteward
  7. The service police crime bureau have a department who deal with ebay idiots, you can get their number through the MOD operator.
  8. excuse my ignorance but what is on the this old map that makes it such a crime to flog it, i presume it is the map and your not bothered about him flogging his ramc buttons and gongs.
  9. Selling medals is sad. Selling SECRET documents is bad, as he is probably about to find out if g2_loony_bin has his (quite correct) way.
  10. I agree if he is selling spot maps , but his medals,,, well they belong
    to him , he earnt them , let him do what he wants with them .
  11. It's ended early because of error in listing.
  12. Funny that.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    "Shakes head in wonder"
  14. Ladies and Gents -please may I temperately request that this sort of discussion is reserved for the NAAFI - the DMS is NOT renowned for this sort of topic


  15. This wasn't a joking matter. Clearly someone has alerted how f@cking stupid it was to sell a SECRET spot map on ebay, no matter how old it was. The relevant authorities have been notified anyway and he can expect a gentle knock on his door.