LCpl Jones finishes his stag. RIP.

I know it has appeared in the Celebrity Death thread, but I reckon he deserves his own thread. Clive Dunn (aka LCpl Jones from Dads Army) has passed away today. He was 92 and had re-located to Portugal some years ago to live out the remainder of his life away from the spotlight and the public eye.* Thanks for the memories - "they don't like it up 'em"! :)

* Take note the likes of Bruce Forsyth and Dennis Skinner!


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What a nice bloke he was. Grandad for more than 40 years! RIP, and don't panic....but who's going to keep the Fuzzy-Wuzzies away now?
My old Dad used to tend his garden, nice chap, always had a kind word. RIP
Cracking old fella - hopefully he enjoyed his dotage in Portugal with a bottle or dozen of the red stuff. RIP
we wont be getting this week's ration of brawn now


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Any intel on the disposition of his jet-ski?
End of an era to be sure.
That's a shame, another famous actor from my youth shuffles off the mortal coil.

Private Pike must be the only one from the Walmington-on-Sea platoon still standing.

The youngsters only know who he was because of the inteminable repeats, a certain sign of sucess. I hope he got repeat fees from them. So we'll be seeing them all again every week-end for the next few decades.


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