LCpl Jabron Hashmi - Charity Donations and Memorial Service

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First a message from our chaps and chapesses in Cyprus who took the lead with raising funds in memory of of Jabron:

[marq=right]'Thank-you to everyone who raised money for, or gave money to, those who participated in the Steele-Mortimer Challenge or Amathunta Half Marathon. As you know both teams were successful. The rower's broke 6 hours and were the best mixed team(!) whilst the first 4 finishers in the run were only beaten by the Jordanian national team. More importantly however we raised £1291 for MERLIN (Medical Emergency Relief International) operating in Afghanistan in memory of LCpl Jabron Hashmi.

Well done to all of you and thanks again for all your efforts, be they physical or fundraising!'[/marq]

Secondly, The date for Jabron's memorial service has been disseminated through the chain of command. However, any civilian friends wishing to attend should PM me for details as normal.

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