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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by curious-signaller, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a LCpl with the R Sigs i was hoping you could help me with something as my CoC doesn't seem to have a definitive answer.

    I got promoted to LCpl in Sept 08, got my first LCpl CR around March 09 and I got a really good recommendation for Cpl.
    I didn't come off the board however because I believe you have to spend 2 years in rank or have at least two "in rank" CR's to sit the board (PD 6 I believe).

    So this year I've been recommended for Cpl again but will I even sit the board this year because I won't have served two years in LCpl rank but this will be my second CR as a LCpl. However when the results are out in August 10 I would have served 1 year 11 months as LCpl.

    Does anyone know how it works?

  2. You have to be substansive in rank for at least 2 years, to be eligible for the board. The board will have sat and results published and you'll still be a month short. Unlucky kentucky, stag on for another year. For the definative look on the SOinC's website
  3. As PapaGolf said. Unlucky. You are doing well though, firstly to have been recommended off your first SJAR only 11 months in rank. Remember as well, that promotions work off merit, experience and TIME SERVED so you might have a board or two to wait still, especially as how frugal the boards have been over the last few years.
  4. All,
    Not strictly true. The soldier will be boarded as long as he will have 2 years Sub rank from the first day of the promotion year for Corporal (which I think is 01 Oct)
  5. I got promoted substantive LCpl 01 Oct 08 and started wearing that day.
    Cpl board results 05 Aug 10.

    So I miss the board by 2 months?
  6. Seems to me like you know the answer already 8O

    but just want a ,virtual hug, to let you know how splendid you are :D
  7. Not before the 2nd.
  8. Anyway, for those who miss the board by a month or two or even longer, unless things have changed it is not unknown for the board to backdate seniority. It happened to me when I was promoted to Ssgt, I received 18 months backdated seniority. No pay of course. but my subsequent promotion to WO2 came exactly on time taking into account the backdated seniority.