LCpl - Cpl Board Results

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Gaz_SWVOC, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Anyone heard any leaked info??? I'm infront the OC tomorrow at 8.30 to find out my fate.
  2. I saw the list on the OC's desk earlier when I was on office cleaning.

    You didn't come off.

  3. The LCpl - Cpl board is the first of a new kind.

    Top third get promoted, bottom third are sacked.

    You came off the board... want to know which third?
  4. Didn't come bottom or I wouldn't be asking ;)

    Good luck to everyone hoping to pick up.
  5. I've seen it Gaz.

    It says better luck next year.
  6. Haha, cheers mate.

    Popped in your office the other week when I was down, but you must have been chomping pasties in the museum
  7. Gaz,

    Good luck - I hope it happens for you. I know what it's like to sweat on a board. However, I have been a member of a JNCO promotion board at Glasgow. The most deserving get promoted, those with potential wait another year or two and the rest fall off the edge.

    The system is always questioned but I genuinely believe it works having seen it at close quarters.


  8. Hmmm, your statement isn't really backed up by fact is it.
  9. The most desrving get promoted.

    Alas they only have the SJARs they are sent to go on...
  10. Hmmmm - Explain if you wouldn't mind?

    I genuinely believe the promotion system works. You clearly disagree - or at least I think you do.

  11. Alas they only have the SJARs they are sent to go on...

    And that is all a board can work with. Blame the 'over-writers', the weak-willed who are unable or too cowardly to tell the truth on an individual's report.
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  12. Happy with the board process and it's integrity but it's output is hamstrung by the reporting process, or at least an individuals ability to craft the report. Then, PD6 hamstrings those good eggs with a good report, in fact the damage that's done to moral is immense.
  13. SWVOC, nope didn't see you on the list.......;-)

    Best of luck mate, fingers crossed, as much as you say you're hoping but not expecting, it's not nice, I also know the feeling!!
  14. I do and the weak will individuals that didn't go "Sir, this new PD is a bit ****".

  15. See my post up there.

    By the way - That's 1000 posts for me in 9 years!

    *Cracks open the Rum and celebrates a personal milestone*.