LCpl- Cpl board out today??

Discussion in 'REME' started by armr617, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know if this is the case, Its advertised as being next Thurs, but lots of duty rumours flying about.

    If it is can someone please give a location, its not on Army Net yet
  2. I think the board has sat, but the results wont be released until August. If you look on Armynet I think its gives the dates.
  3. Hmm, SEME have been telling people about names etc from the board, surely they wouldnt be telling if it wasnt released
  4. It was released this morning. Either that, or there are some Sappers* getting mighty trolleyed at the Beach for no reason......

    *Sappers = Engineers, not Ptes.
  5. In the Navy our Divisional officers (boss) gets told the results usually 4 days before the general release of a promotion signal, maybe this has happened with your guys.
  6. You also touch yourselves inappropriately.

    Oh, and no, I haven't got a copy before you all ask, I'm on leave and still pulling arms off the teddies that are not in the corner.
  7. Slug, what are you doing with Sappers at a beach? get your arrse back to work looking after scablifters and split-arses!
  8. <<Yawns>>

    I thought I'd have another month off first if that's ok with you.
  9. youll need it!
  10. Yep results out today and freely available if you have DII access on the MS web.

    Well done to all you new full screws, now go ring the bell in the mess!
  11. I need 2 years beauty sleep, not a month.

    (Shall we stop trespassing now?)
  12. Oh, and it will be on Armynet in 3 years. AndyPillock is trying to compile a list of POL Points in Thailand, or something just as interesting.
  13. Yes, its an enthralling thread.

    Congratulations to all who came off the board, youll be all excited today, come tomorrow youll be eager to find out if youre posted and where to, next week youll be threaders that youve heard nothing and saying how unfair it is that youve come off the board but cant wear it yet. (cut and paste into the Cpl-Sgt prom board thread)
  14. And the Sgt -Staffy one.
  15. Mate i thought you finger was on the pulse! The results out today, 4 from your course picked up, including the one who the whole corps was hoping wouldn't! You know who i mean ;-)