Lcpl after training?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Carvell3, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody have a list of all the jobs/trades where you are promoted to lcpl after completion of training? I already know a few such as ammo techs and RMP but was just wondering any other jobs that gave this promotion after training?
  2. The forum you've posted in should give a hint!
  3. Why not base your job choice on the one that most appeals, rather than the one dangling a tape?

    There are drawbacks to a lot of the trades that offer accelerated promotion and you may find yourself marking time later in your career.

    If you joined the RMP for example everyone would think you're a ****(, even your parents).
  4. Going for a branch just to get a tape after training does'nt make you a better soldier.
  5. RMP's have parents?
  6. Erm . . .?

    What hint would The ARRSE Hole Forum give him?
  7. Intelligence - last I heard it was a tape after training.

    If its changed since my days in the mob then I'll put on a truss and stand corrected.
  8. You could join the REME as a tech, but then this rule -
    - would apply to you too!
    They're given stripes by the army to try and get them to stay in longer after all the expensive trade-training they've received. Makes a mockery of the rest of us having to earn our tapes and most techs deserve their tapes as much as t. bliar deserves my support!

  9. Awe Jack H, what's wrong, would a big bad REME VM not change the wheels on your Pram & you had to walk???
  10. Seen as VMs are not techs and have to earn there tape im guessing that is not the reason lol.
  11. How? By expansively filling covies and slammimg a never ending stream of pies into their fat grids, with their grubby oil and grime encrusted Ginsters shovels.

    Everyone knows most VMs can barely fit a rifle sling, never mind lead a section.
  12. You're bitter?
  13. Awh spaz what's wrong, would a big bad REME VM not change the wheels on your Pram & you had to walk??? ROFL
  14. Not once did I imply in my question that anyone pursuing a career in these trades were better soldiers than others. All I wanted was a simple list of the trades that do offer this promotion incentive but it seems as though I won't get this, instead I'll get opinions from bitter soldiers who didn't have the brains to go into any of these trades and are upset that less experienced soldiers are getting promoted twice as fast as them.
  15. ..............I AM a VM!!

    at least danny understands!! :)