LCD vs Plasma

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Goku, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone recommend which is the better form of HD TV for the Xbox in terms of picture quality and anti-ghosting?
  2. Think would you play a game on crt or a lcd before plasma's
    remember crt's had a better refresh rate than any lcd.
    LCD'S have improved vastly but buy what you can afford biggest draw backs on lcd's is back light problems and life span of.
  3. Plasma life ex is less than LCD, and like what has been posted, the advances of technology hve improved 10 fold, you cannot get a better LCD than a Panasonic screen, rated the highest in TV/Gadget magazine.
  4. Strange as panasonic say this about the subject.
  5. As far as xbox goes can only speak from my own experience with a PS3.
    I bought a £2700 46inch LCD last year. My mate bought a 46 inch plasma this year for £1000.
    The difference between them - much to my annoyance, bugger all.
    Games look exact same on both. No ghosting during the footy etc or on faster games such as COD 4.
    Dont believe the rubbish about plasmas not lasting as long as LCD etc. Are you really going to have the same t.v for the next 10 years or so?
  6. Not sure about xbox but I find that watching porn on a large screen LCD is superior to plasma. Highly pixelated LCD piss flaps are far more realistic :D
  7. hahahaa 8)
  8. I believe the Xbox 360 was developed using Samsung LCDs, so would assume that the 360 is optimized for them.
  9. Same here, BIL got a wall mounted plasma six months after my stand alone LCD and no difference between the two IMO, except my neck doesn't ache and click everytime I have to look skywards to watch the damn thing.
  10. LCD is best all round performer IMHO. If you'll be playing a lot of games Plasma might not be best due to screen burn-in.
  11. screen burn.
    Is mostly common with tv chn's that have logo's in top corner, but would need to be left on that chn for weeks for it to burn in.
    I am sure most companys have dropped contrast on all logos now.

    Did you know that you need double figures in dead pixels before a company will say its a fault on plasma's and lcd's
  12. I have a 50 inch plasma and it runs games and blu-ray movies a treat. You can buy a 1080p 50 inch LG plasma for just over 1000 at Tescos nowdays. I paid £2300 for mine about 18 months ago. I find that plasma's are better for watching movies with as there is no ghosting effect. Your best bet is to have a look in currys or somewhere similar and ask the sales staff to demo several of each type with a console and a hi def input. At the end of the day if you are happy with the picture and the price, either one will last for the next 10-15 years.
  13. Make sure the resolution is 1080. Many tvs are sold as HD when the resolution is little above that of a traditional british tv set. 1080 will ensure you have the most detail from HD games consoles and for watching BlueRay movies. (or blue blueray movies if that takes your fancy)