LCD TV or Projector?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ord_Sgt, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I need a new TV for various reasons. Has anybody got an experience of projectors? Things to look for, best buys that sort of thing.
  2. Projectors can be noisy, they must be shut down correctly or the bulbs blow, average price for a bulb about £200. Bulbs have an hours run life after which they start to dim. Projectors have filters which have to be cleaned regularly, too much maintenance for my liking, I’d go for a TV.
  3. All of this was completely true for projectors "of old", but things are different these days....

    - Noise is a factor - but recent models put out no more noise that an average DVD/BluRay player
    - Bulbs: cost of bulbs for mine is around £65, with a bulb life of 3000 hours (that's a LOT of movies!)
    - Filters: Usually just a case of opening a hinged-door, taking out the filter and giving it a quick blow through with an air-duster once a month

    To be honest - you can't beat the value you get with a projector, for the size of image you can create.

    Other things to consider are light levels in the room (I use a black-out blind), and what you plan to do about a screen (they can be expensive, although some people are happy with the results of a wall painted white).

    I have a 42" plasma too, which is fantastic - but for sheer awe you can't beat watching an action movie on a big screen!
  4. Go for the Projector. You could go one better after a family holiday by producing a full spreadsheet presentation on your epic adventure. Much more professional than a mere slideshow on DVD with a crappy soundtrack and tacky slide effect.
  5. Untill my projector was stolen I used it for films, and the playstation (not normal tv as the room wasn't big enough to leave it set up all the time. It was a stunning way to watch dvd's and the noise was never a problem. the biggest pains in the arrse were fixing a screen to the wall (most of the time we used a starched bedsheet) and putting the projector on a stand.

    The cheaper projectors can be almost the same price as the bulbs, check out how long they claim the bulb will last and the price of the bulb, then work out if its worth it or not.

    ceiling mounting is good (especially if your projector can be mounted upside down so you can still adjust everything) and one with a remote is a good idea.
  6. agree with the above, a projector is ok as an addition to a tv for watching films but for every day tv watching it's not very practical. I've noticed that when you buy a cheap projector they charge a fortune for replacement bulbs so compare the price of a projector and bulb, also look at the hour life of the bulb.

    you can't beat a huge screen dvd or rugby night though so I'd go for both!
  7. I've got a roof mounted Sanyo which we use for the Wii in the spare room, prices are dropping rapidly. five years ago a 2000 ansi lumens LCD projector would set you back five grand and were the size of a briefcase.

    They're closer to 500 quid now and much lighter/smaller. Not for everyday 'TV' use though due to noise and the bulbs still cost to much for that.