LBJ sought a second term

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tiger stacker, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Nixon's double dealing has been known about for some time hasn't it? Though I was not aware that LBJ knew of it.
  2. Nixon, like Reagan over the Iran hostages affair, ought to have faced trial for treason. But as ever in politics, the foullest **** in the room wins the game.
  3. The Johnson Library released in 2008 the final secret tapes that President Johnson made in 1968 and a liberal media type from the BBC who was going through them thinks he has found something that indicates that Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate, may have interfered with a secret plan that Johnson was hatching to get the US out of Vietnam through negotiations with the North Vietnamese in Paris. In the view of the BBC reporter, had the talks proceeded without interference there was a good possibility that Johnson would have succeeded in getting the US out of Vietnam in 1968 and Hubert Humphrey would have been elected as the (Democratic) president in 1968. And as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius would have begun the year of 1969, the Democrats would still be holding the levers of power, the Great Society would blossom and there would be no more poor people anywhere and the liberal left hippies would have smiled down benignly upon all God’s chillen in the U.S. of A. while the sun shone and birds sang. Bollocks.

    The BBC reporter is claiming that Nixon authorized an intermediary to approach the South Vietnamese to tell them to pull out of the negotiations in Paris because the South Vietnamese would get a better deal from a Nixon administration than they would from an Humphrey administration. It is true that the Saigon Government did pull out of the 1968 negotiations but the evidence that the reporter provides that puts the blame squarely on Nixon is not convincing to me. Nixon haters got to hate – what can I say? Nixon has now been dead for nearly 20 years and so has all of the other principal players in this drama so I see little point in bringing this up now. The BBC reporter says that the truth (?) about a Nixon connection to the effort to derail the 1968 Paris Peace Talks was known (through FBI surveillance and wire-taps) to Johnson before the election, and he did brief Humphrey on the details, but neither one spoke up about it at the time. Johnson thought Humphrey was going to win the election easily according to a Harris opinion poll that had been conducted in the last week of October 1968 so he didn’t see the need of blowing the whistle on Richard Nixon. Humphrey didn’t want to use the information to scotch Nixon’s presidential bid because he did not want to reveal his classified (and probably illegal) source of information. What a bunch of Democratic hypocrites and useless politicians. Their actions are the equal of anything that Richard Nixon did during Watergate. Only a BBC liberal snob could admire anything about the shameful Johnson record of the war he started in Vietnam and conduct useless “what if?” mind experiments.

    And of course the fellows that got it in the neck were the G.I.s Nothing new in that of course. Under the Obozo administration we’re still getting fucked over. Politicians of all stripes are leeches and useless things.
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  4. That is beyond question.
  5. Look I think Nixon achieved quite a lot as a President. More than most. I don't think a Humphrey administration could have gotten a better end to the war, and I don't think everything would have been beer and skittles under Humphrey. The fact is though the war was probably unnecessarily prolonged. This isn't the only source for this information- just the only source that LBJ knew about it. I'm pretty sure some of the people involved have admitted to it.

    You are letting your own prejudices get the better of you here.

    This is from 13 years ago:

    And this from over 4 years ago: