lazy/blind recruit staff

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arby, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. walking through city centre yesterday I pass a recruiting stand. THe L/Cpl shouts over to me "Fancy a job, pal?!" so I look over thinking its someone I know or someone from uni/ta/school etc but never seen him before. "Uh, no thanks pal, Im good." "You sure? Better than walking around town all day". Now, aside from the fact that its lunchtime, Im wearing a suit and a hi-vis with the company name on the back, thats probably the laziest opening line a recruiter's ever used on me. are they really getting that lazy? was he blind as well?
  2. Where was this?
  3. Sounds like you were walking through glasgow or somewhere like that.

    And, why did you not accept his offer, despite already being employed?
  4. Ok if he was a L/CPL he wasnt a Recruiter from an ACIO but a member of one of the Recruiting teams, this would be advertised on the stand. When I was recruiting I had a number of similar situations like this where members of the public reported RRT members not up to scratch. Either go back to the stand tomorrow if there and speak to the SNCO in charge or a phone call to the ACIO/AFCO and report to the senior Recruiter. Unfortunately not all of the members of the Recruiting teams are the best at ambassadors for the Army but will learn the hard way or be back at there unit.
  5. Probably a member of an Army Recruiting Team (ART) or the few remaining RRTs - but that aside anyone involved in any form of Outreach Activity must have received the correct training prior to going onto the streets, so:

    THe L/Cpl shouts over to me "Fancy a job, pal?!"

    was not on the course agenda and I now question the area and team involved.
  6. Appreciate that mate, thats why I said speak to his SNCO of the ART/RRT or the Senior Recruiter at the ACIO and the LCPL will be tuned in and shown the proper way to show forces in the Public Eye.
  7. i was once at 1 of those things you go to in college looking at uni's to go to after college adn there was the royal navy and army stalls in the place and it was in the local leasure center and there was huge glasss windows behind the army stall and outside the windows on the other side of the road on top of the hill was a military base with the huge blastproof walls and sentry towers (this is in northern ireland) and 1 of the people talking to them asked a question about would they joined might they be working in the local military base and the army staff replied that they where not sure as they didnt know where the closest military base to us was despite if they turned there head 180 degrees there it was in all its glory.