lazy arrsed question I know.....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Right

    My (less than useful/helpful anyway) SPSI has gone off on holiday (bloody cheek). I am trying to arrange a course in order to qualify for a bounty this year. I have been reliably informed that there may be a trade training course in October up at glorious 34 sigs.

    I might try and jump on a place on that.

    Does anyone have the details i.e. which TAC and actual dates/length of course, which trades courses are being run etc.?

    I otherwise wont find out for about another four weeks, which will make getting time off work etc. a tad tricky

    Thanks for any help

    Oh, and is anybody else here going to be on that course? If so (and I get a place) fancy being shown the delights of the land of my fathers otherwise known as Hartlepool?
  2. "Delights", "Hartlepool" - same sentence, surely some mistake!
  3. The training is likely to take place at Darlington as they seem to have the sort of facilities for such things and the JRC has a decent tv. Trades running will probably be relay, switch, rad op if enough demand and maybe some tech happenings on the side. Who knows? I'm not certain on it but will try find out.

    Dates, not a scooby, again need to find out myself.
  4. Is is still done over weekends?
  5. Agreed, best thing to happen there, was when Mandelson left for Europe.
  6. No
  7. Are you trying to avoid, or are you unable to attend camp? There should be a list somewhere in your unit for other trade courses being held around the UK with other units so if you miss this one you should get onto another elsewhere. Bounty year doesn't end until April/May 07.

    Unless you aren't going to camp then trade courses, the last time I looked, were not part of min trg requirements for bounty.

    However, you have a number of options:

    1) Wait for your SPSI to return (unless he's gone for a few weeks, often the case)

    2) Chat to the Ops Officer who should be able to lay his hands on the course details.

    3) Chat to your troop comd (as above).

    4) Chat to your PSAO (as above).
  8. Hesco

    thanks for that, couldn't attend camp due to family commitments

    1) yep he's away
    2) I believe we have one
    3) I met him once you know
    4) I can't get past the snarl when I approach his office
  9. Ok, sounds like the usual story. However, brave the snarling PSAO and/or ring the Trg Major at RHQ and speak to them, although I'd always try going through your unit first. Use direct comms to RHQ as the last resort. Nothing quite like circumventing the chain of command to get you in hot water.

    Also find out the phone number of your troopy from the chief clerk and ring him/her up and make the bugger earn their money!!! I wouldn't expect anything else from my lads.

    An alternative option is to get yourself a real trade and join the RE :)

    Best of luck
  10. for bounty you need to conduct a period of in camp training. A misleading statement as really what it means is a full time period of training. There is no requirement that this be "On Camp" and trade courses most deffinately DO count.

    However (there always is a however...) If you are not attending you're Units main Exercise/Camp/whatever else you want to call it, then you must go through the system in place in your regiment. This usually involves filling out an application to do a course in lieu of annual camp and having this signed off in turn by:

    Your Troopy
    Your PSI
    Your OC
    Your Trg Maj

    and ultimately

    Your CO.

    this then means that the CO has approved that the course you are attending is suitable and you will have your certificate of efficiency signed.

  11. Quite right Humph, apologies for any misleading statement. Trade Trg courses most certainly do count.

    What I meant was if you are unable to attend your unit's annual camp (where undoubtedly you would be completing trade training) and there was no alternative then there are other options that don't necessarily mean you have to complete trade trg during a 2 week camp/period in order to fulfill bounty requirements. A little off the original question (my fault) as bazzinho was looking for an alternative trade training course anyhow.

    I have lads on 'camp' at the moment who aren't attending the trade training camp as they are in support of a Bde Trg programme, so It'll count as OJT in some aspects but simply time served in the majority of the cases.

    I have taken myself to one side and addressed myself accordingly.
  12. The good people of Hartlepool did not hang the monkey - the brute took one look at where it was washed ashore and hung itself.
  13. Theyre nine days inc two weekemds and 33 and 34 and 35 run one each year so you should get on any one of them,

    cant see what the spsi has got to do with it. It's a trg major thing