Lazik eye surgery before joining?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beetroot4000, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I'm considering joining up and wanting to join the Infantry,
    I don't need to wear glasses everyday but I do wear them when driving and out hunting so I can see better.

    So I'm considering getting Lazik done, the only trouble is I'd then have to wait for 12 months before I can join, which I would really rather not do.

    So, do you lot think it'd be better to just join up and get the Lazik while I'm in the forces,
    or get it done and wait the 12 months,
    or get it done and not tell them about it?

  2. Use search.
  3. Really? How novel.
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  4. I'd suggest LASEK rather than LASIK
  5. Option A: You'd be medically downgraded for twelve months.
    Option B: You'd be good to go after twelve complication-free months.
    Option C: If you somehow managed to get in without declaring it you'd be caught out, downgraded, royally arse-fucked and possibly discharged.

    Oh, and learn to use the search feature.
  6. Save yourself £4k. Just join and use the issued glasses the mod give you. They are very good and shrapnel proof.
  7. For what its worth, I used the search function but all the threads seemed to be a few years old, so I thought I'd try for a more up to date response.

    What does medically downgraded mean?
    Does it mean you can't do anything in the Army for 12 months, or are you just not able to go on tour and what not?