Layout of an infantry battalion?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by HMarmedforcesRM396, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. A rifle company in a battalion would have 3 platoons of 30 men, the company commander, company 2ic and CSM. their are meant to be 100 men in a company and I have only named 93 of them. who would the other 7 be?

    In a platoon their are 30 men. including the 3 sections platoon commander and platoon sergeant. who else would be in a infantry platoon as I have only named 26 of them and their should be 30 men.
  2. Doesn't a Pl HQ include a 51mm mortar and a rad op too?
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  3. It's because of the cuts that there are less men, don't worry, with less sleep and less equipment they can still do the job.
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  4. Sigs Det at Coy level
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  5. I think you'll find the composition of an infantry battalion is a little more flexible than that OP, especially if that battalion is at full manning or if the battalion has been re-orbated for a deployment (i.e. a rifle platoon comprising of "multiples" as opposed to "sections" for HERRICK).

    Depending on the role of that platoon they may also have elements from the battalion HQ & support companies attached to them, as well as interpreters, RE, RMP etc.
  6. Theres also a company stores element, C/Sgt and a couple of bods plus a company Clerk all coming under the Coy HQ banner.
  7. A standars Light Infantry Coy consists of 3xPlt, Coy HQ and CQMS.

    a plt would normally consists of 3x8 man sections, the Plt Comd, Plt Signaller, Plt Sgt, Plt Medic and Plt Sgts Runner/60mm mortar man.

    Coy HQ would consist of Coy Comd, Coy 2IC, CSM, Coy RSDC with one or two signallers, CSMs runners (normally 2), Coy Medic and any atts and dets.

    These numbers vary on the manpower available and in the case of somewhere like Afghanistan to nature of the tasks the Coy is under taking. For example on H6 we operated with two heavily armed Plts+ and the Coy HQ was Plt-.

    The CQMS normally has a couple of store men and there would also be the Coy Clerk.
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  8. Corrections made free of charge

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  9. Sarcasm must be a battalion level responsibility then?
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  10. My recollection is that a light role Inf Coy is established for 5+107 (112 in total of which 5 are officers). Clearly this does not include atts such as FSG, FAC, FOO, Terps, etc.

    I suspect that for the benefit of the OP we should steer clear of the new light role infantry company structure that only has two rifle Pls (with the third optimistically coming from the TA).

    Also, the correct abbreviation for Platoon is Pl, not Pln, Plt, Pltn, etc.
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  12. CQMS company clerk armourer signaler
  13. He must be a busy ******......