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Some layout errors are happening at the moment. These will flush through with time and pressing CTRL-F5 on a page that doesn't render properly will help speed that along. I intended to do this in the early hours this morning, but it didn't happen so I'm going to crack on now. Apologies if it interferes with your use of the site
Mr mushroom head is distorted on the iPad and is situated on the hrs of the screen , ON the iPhone MR mushroom head is in the centre . Am I using the wrong App
Nope - that just should not be. I've just ordered a Mac Mini to be able to properly test for ipads and iphones since such a large proportion of our users (you sinners!) use them. I'll be getting stuck in to all things mobile this week, which should see the release of another iphone app and a mobile friendly theme for the site.

The fact that I have to spend £500 on a Mac just to use Apple's iphone/ipad emulator software is quite incredibly irritating. In fact I'm going to stop before I start ranting at the evil empire's business practices. *******.

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