laxative persec

while enjoying a beer or two with my wife, mother and father in a nice little pub in a small town in NI, the very obvious duty mini bus stopped outside, out jump 8 squaddies, all of which try to get into the pub, the landlord told them that he didnt allow groups of lads in (which is true, a stag night had to go in in dribs and drabs) hinting to come in in twos, loads of abuse followed and off they toddled.
Next night, sat in a restraunt next door to an OOB pub, my mother comes in with a tattooed lad, saying shed just rescued him from next door (if my lashed up mum can spot a squaddie!!!) he then stood there telling anyone that would listen that he was a member of 1 Para before leaving.

Class persec.


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Surely Peaces, love, and fraternal niceness rule throughout the six Counties these days?

At least, that's what nice Mr Bliar tells us.
1989 stood in Larne Ferry Terminal at ticket desk organizing large party of bods going over to Scotland for a Training Camp.

Said large party are sat in lounge trying to blend in. With them is TM who, dressed in his "civvies" consisting of shoes officers, brown cords and a Barbour (all the rage at the time) stands at door of said lounge and shouts across entire Terminal to me "SSgt X...... Could you come over here a moment please?" I was tempted to reply "Certainly Major X...., be right with you" instead I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

The Paras have always been like that. I remember before joining the Army, in the Helsman in Bangor; Karaoke had just hit the province and the locals would sing lots of Irish stuff, (even if it was a Neil Diamond song being played, we would normally get the Sash in the Chorus somehow ;-)). Anyway, the Paras would always be in the best of humour, singing classics like Good Ship Lollypop lol. I can remember it to this day pissing ourselves laffin at them and with them, but they did stick out as much as if the Pride of Whitehill Flute Band had played down the Falls on St Pats Day lol.
Aldergrove Airport in about 88 or 89 as I was waiting to pick up my bag I remember seeing a Black bin liner going around with a big white label saying 24******** Pte ******, 2 R Anglian, and the fool actually picking it up. Not to mention of course numerous army issue suitcaes (when we still had such a thing)
Aldergrove airport about the same time, me about to depart to Leeds airport on leave, queing up at customs surrounded by wall to wall civvies. Persec thinks I and show my passport to the Feckin customs FLUB behind the desk.

FLUB: "So sir whatt was the reason of your visit to Northern Ireland?"

Me "Eh?"

FLUB "Business or pleasure?"

Me "Well business I suppose"

FLUB "What sort of business would that be sir?"

Me starting to get p*ssed off and attracting interested glances from those surrounding me, in a forced whisper: "Look mate I'm in the Army!"

FLUB loud and clear: "Oh if you'd said you were a Squaddy I'd have let you straight through"

I spent the whole flight staring at my shoes cursing the tw@ and from then on used to selotape my ID card on the inside of my passport to save the bother.
:cry: FF, i didn't know you were married :cry:

& I'm sh!te at all that persec stuff as well! :oops:
OldSnowy said:
Surely Peaces, love, and fraternal niceness rule throughout the six Counties these days?

At least, that's what nice Mr Bliar tells us.
I thought he said it about Northern Ireland, what have the six counties running along the bottom of england got to do with anything?

I think i might start calling England 'the 39 counties' - think it'll go down well?
Surely the biggest mass Persec poo poo was the Smith Air desk at Luton

complete with armed bobby in the 80's - right next to Aer Lingus ( or was it Ryan Air)

lots of nice green luggage being checked in!!!!
Always remember going on leave and getting air trooping flights into RAF Aldergrove and there was a shuttle service round to the civvy side for those who were getting picked up by friends or family. This bloke jumps into the bus with an army bergen, all the rest of us had civvy suitcases etc.

The driver says nothing and drives off, when at the civvy side he drove to the far side of the airport and told the lad with the mil bergen to get out, he then proceeded to bollock him quietly, about persec, he then dropped the rest of us off at the civvy terminal. I remember my dad and me driving out of the airport seeing this lad bergen on back marching towards the terminal, idiot, live and learn.

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