Lawyers seek money for dead Iraqis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, May 5, 2004.

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  1. This from the BBC:

    A firm of lawyers in Birmingham are seeking compensation for the families of Iraqis killed during ops. They want MoD to accept responsibility for what they say are unlawful killings.

    The firm is called 'Public Interest Lawyers' - any relation to the Daily Mirror?

    I wonder if they would care to try and get the Saudi government to accept responsibility for the actions of their most famous citizen, Osama Bin Laden?
  2. Try any relation to Cherie Bliar and old TBliar (praise be upon his name!). Sounds like that good old Human rights charter getting used again.

    So we go to war and have to pay the families of them that took up arms against us to boot!

    As old Littlejohn says," You just couldn't make it up!" :roll:
  3. They can and they do. Often.
  4. Yet another story to cast doubts about the general integrity of the British Army...

    Is it just me, or has the press been saving this up?

    They seem very determined to put the boot in (as it were)
  5. Well once something becomes "topical" then off they go! This was reported on last week before the Shittor put its dodgy pictures in!

    Seems everything has a habit of appearing all at once! :?
  6. surely the US govt should take responsibility for him, they trained and funded him to fight the ruskies in Afghanistan.
  7. Lawyers are seeking profits..nothing else..
  8. Here's a nice pic of Phil Shiner with his buddies. At least it appears we can rely on him having a balanced view of the military.
  9. Fnu_Snu, thanks for the picture.

    The endearing Phil is, of course, friendly with Cherie 'letter-box gob' Bliar, wife of the Dear Leader. He was the solicitor who represented the Ghurkas when they tried to get equal pensions rights; they lost, oddly enough.

    He has also tried to have Bliar, Hoon and Jack Straw indicted for war crimes over Iraq.

    Other illustrious clients and lost causes he is associated with:
    Human Shield Action
    Trident Ploughshares
    Soap Dodgers R Us

    I wonder if he turns up at court with a dog on a bit of string?
  10. Oh, well thats ok then 8O
  11. I advocate a revolution with ManchesterMonkey as the new glorious leader!

    All hail the glorious leader MM!

    Viva el Presidentie!
  12. Whilst I would support any prosecution of Bliar and his gang over their dazzling incompetence and dishonesty in re their running of the country, I am not sure that they can realistically be compared with Messrs Milosevic, Karadjic, Mugabe, Hussein et al.

    I note that Bliar failed, for once, to emulate America's action in not signing up to the International Criminal Court. The USA's reluctance to become involved is understandable; can you imagine how many prosecutiond there would be for, say, appalling dress sense, or criminally inaccurate war films....
  13. and those bloody awful accents
  14. He is asking for legal aid for iraq families as european human rights legislation violated .Now very ignorant on law matters and feel free
    to point out my errors ,But, is legal aid for people who reside in uk and
    as iraq is not in europe surely european law dosent apply even if uk
    the occupying country surely are actions are covered by geneva convention or some other law . Anyway you look at it he is definatly off my christmas card list saying anything harsher would probably get me sued and there no way he is getting me bounty :)