Lawyer Needed to take on local Govt

We have had all our belongings, 6 container loads disposed of by local council. This was done unlawfully and they have held hands up. However, there are several years worth of maladministration which is well documented and proves more incompetance. They have been responsible for my family being made homeless amongst other things. Im an amputee and served best part of 10 years. Never have I been made a priority. This has been on TV and in the press. We are now taking them to task for all of this but need legal representation from out of town to see justice done.
My family have been humiliated, degraded and ruined by these guys.
If you are a lawyer or know a good one please help.
Local RBL/SSAFA rep has had me blacklisted!! She has caused no end of bother to myself and other vets in my area, this is alsoi currently under investigation.
AT55 said:
Try this mate

The Local Government Ombudsman.
This is OK if you want to take a long time and not fight for all the negligence. I need a lawyer to really throw the book at them and seek proper compensation.
I was out on the street while my family were in B&B thanks to these idiots. Not only that I have letters from the various local housing, etc which are very damning to them. They also realise this.
The local Lord has taken this on and is creating a 'trial bundle' for each of the episodes.
You couldnt write this for a TV soap!
Im a freelance photographer nowadays, and work for the local rag regularly taking pictures of these people and have been commissioned by the council to work for them. They got rid of our things then went on TV saying ythey couldnt get in touch!
Many of the current councillors whinced when they saw this as Im such a high profile person and there is an internal investigation.
So, you can see it's too big for me and it will ensure no other poor sod has to go through this.
We'd been over this on the phone mate, and my thoughts were voiced there.

The viewers here only have an ounce of the full story and not being furnished with all the details are likely to act in a knee jerk fashion.

Legal Aid would be an option, but as you know that avenue has been closed because they felt there was a lack of a case. Its been in your local press and your MPs are aware. Bringing it on a forum like this I don't feel will benefit you, however with a couple of letters from your Local lord or wincing councellers the legal aid path could be reopened.

As you said, those items are irreplaceable and no one here can bring them back, I also don't think we have a solicitor or paralegal amongst the members qualified to take the case on.

The local lord thats taken it on, probably won't want a bandwagon of outrage starting and posting ignorantly on a matter with only vague knowledge..... Also a local lord will carry more of a punch than anyone here

After seeing various letters over the past few months from you, you are more than capable of issuing proceedings against the storage company and coucil yourself. Look at the county court websites and download the relevant forms and have your day in front of a judge.
minister_doh_nut said:
We'd been over this on the phone mate, and my thoughts were voiced there.

Legal Aid would be an option, but as you know that avenue has been closed because they felt there was a lack of a case. .
Hi MDN, that was for action against the landlord and evidence by the local lord has proven that they where wrong.
You are right though that it's too big to get the whole picture.
Im just hoping that someone on here knows a good QC or can point me in the right direction.
Writting letters is one thing, getting it right in front of a judge is another, and makes me nervous thinking about it. After all the local council have their own dedicated solicitor.

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