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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goku, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Ban her IP address

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  2. Just ignore her and let her stay

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  3. I really don’t care

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  1. Who can no longer stand lawstudent?
    Shall we petition for her IP address to be banned?
  2. Petition?

    I'm sorry are you under the impression this is a democracy? We're playing with someone else’s train set here!

    Beebs :D
  3. Nice to see you liked my idea Goku, let's get rid of her.
  4. having read law-students last crap thread I have spoken to my MP requesting corporal punishment to be brought back.

    I didn't even know he'd been posted.

    It might even be sergeant punishment

    God that was sh1te,,,i should delete it
  5. No comment.
  6. yes lovely thought but if she was going to get deleted they would have done it by now! it doesnt matter how much we b*tch its not our choice to make.
    im sure eventually she will screw it up for herself
    until then LS continue to cut and paste

    blondy :)

    still voting yes though
  7. Well it’s a nice idea.
    The vote totals are more amusing than weather or not it happens.
  8. agreed and there looking good already!

    borestudent take heed

    blondy :)
  9. Is she the Mooch reincarnate?
  10. Only if Mooch is also Yannie
  11. I voted let her stay............while you are picking on her, you are leaving dullards like me alone.
  12. She enjoys it.
    She wouldn’t keep coming back, like the attention seeking child that she is, if she didn’t enjoy it.
  13. Been visiting this site for nearly a year now and, unless these people (the yannies, mooches etc) have been blocked by the mods, they seem to disappear of their own accord. The attention seeking thing may be a factor because, whatever the subject of the thread, the moment these b&ggers comment the thread is taken off course to give them a b0llocking/insult. Perhaps it would be wise just to pretend that they have not posted and carry on with whatever subject the thread is about.
  14. Pssst......

    Lawstudent = Yannie

    Beebs ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.