Laws, laws and yet more laws.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Our Tony has decided in his wisdom that the 4000 news laws that he has already introduced (400% more than Maggie), and 1000 years of careful lawmaking isn't quite enough because lots of bad guys still roam the streets. So, instead of actually applying the gazillions of existing laws (which to be fair is quite difficult in practice, when you've allowed the nation to be holed below the waterline by Europe, and it upsets the wife), he has decided to bring in this little lot....

    From the Queen's speech...

    Tough on crime Tony? I'm sure PC Plod is going to be delighted with being pinned down with that little lot. Still, stops him ever going outdoors in the rain I suppose.
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  3. Yes, Anthony Blair does have a penchant for trying to legislate himself out of trouble - the operative word being 'trying'. He's an intelligent man so clearly he must have realised that legislation passed in haste is not likely to be effective at solving the mischief the legislation is aimed at.

    The only conclusion then is that he is doing this to get into the headlines. He obviously thinks that passing laws allows him to be seen as doing something. After all, Labour, under his leadership, came into power under the banner of crime control. Clearly he is trying to replicate that success.
  4. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with my parties view that redundant laws should be repealed, surely one of the jobs of government is to bring in new laws.

    Now if You are arguing about unecessary laws, thats another matter
  5. Sadly, Awol, that is what Plod has become under the Dear Leader, PC Police and the BBC follow in their footsteps by spreading the Truth of The Dear Leader in the sure and certain hope of further gongs.

    The chief constables can see their OBEs and KCVO etc going west unless they suck up to Nue Arbeit and enforce policy in the guise of law.

    I wish there was evidence that I am making a tin foil hat in my spare time but I checked the kitchen drawer and the box of turkey wrap is still sealed.
  6. Redundant? This queen's speech looks awfully like one we had a few years back. A word processing error as the fuhrer Bunker powers down? A simple clerical error, like the recent accounting errors? Or just redundant laws being reinforced?

    come on Sven this is all verbiage from the government. One assumes there is a plan, then lets see some implementation of it. not just some legislation which may or may not be implemented thoroughly. There is in fact sufficient legislation to lay sword and flame to crime in this country. It is merely a lack of competence and cohesion which is causing crime to rage - although statistics tell us other wise - unabated. "Administrative clear-ups" really don't count!
  7. There are more than enough laws in place at the moment, they just need to get he librals off of the bench who put the rights of the victim above that of the offenders. If we had proper sentencing then we wouldnt need more laws.

    Furry, I completley agree with you, in my time I had 3 Area Commanders and Two Cheief Constables.

    The First Area Commander was excellent, he led from the front, when he was the Duty Super he would turn up unannounced and work the whole night shift and would hold monthly meeting with the frontline troops as he called them.

    First thing his replacement did was scrap the meetings and never once to my knowledge went out on duty, the last one was nothing but a Politician and cared more about appeasment than policing or supporting his officers.

    My first Chief Constable was a spinless puppy for the Home Office, refused to give his officers spray until he was threatened with a court case under HSE Law, Then once the person who was responsible for training officers had retured he then changed his tune and decided we looked like "SAS Assaulteers" and looked "threatening" to the public so he tried to give us inferior kit. My last Cheif was only there a few months before I ditched the sinking ship.
  8. lets have a law police stop bad people from doing bad things job done :twisted:
    or am i missing something :?
  9. Thats being realistic, you cant get a job as a CC or Politician with radical thoughts like that.
  10. Most of the recent new laws added little of any genuine substance to the existing laws. Did the dangerous dogs laws stop kids being bitten by dogs? No. was there already a law in place that could have, if enforced, solved the problem? Yes. Its about time we stopped banning everything and concentrated on actual actions.

    For example, It should not be illegal to carry a knife in public. It should, however, result in a long sentence if you assault someone, with extra time if a weapon is involved. Unfortunately, the current law and the manner of its enforcement means that someone stopped for carrying a knife, but with no suggestion of its violent use, is likely to get worse punishment than someone who actually commits a violent assault.

    All unprovoked acts of violent crime should also result in an automatic custodial sentence. Sentences should be doubled for each subsequent conviction for a similar crime. That would make the streets safer.

    A few more real police actually on the streets might help as well.
  11. Keyboardwarrior,

    Is your last post not contradictory? We should stop banning things, but you want to see a ban on carrying knives? There are perfectly adequate laws to cover this.

    If what your saying is that we should apply the laws we already have rather than generate new ones, then I agree. Although how we create the conditions where the Plod can enforce the law is another matter. I know too many coppers to agree with your "proper copper" statement. They are there, but they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  12. The answer is a compelte and utter review of the Courts and Criminal Protection Service,oops I meant CPS. The Judges are far to libral in their sentencing. The thing that pee'd me off the most was that within a hour of putting someone in front of a court they were out committing crime again. The rights of the offender should not be placed above that of the victim and the safety of society.

    Senior Officers should remember they still hold the post of constable and not so bothered about the QPM, Knighthood or other honour. These are the two most significant handicaps police are faced with.