Laws are applied fairly then...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. You don't get so many "PC points" for being tolerant and patient with local, law abiding (non pikey) folk. Plus they're less likely to get aggressive/cause damage. MUCH softer target.
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  2. The operative word is 'could' - from the article (my bold):

    So hardly 80 year old grannies being thrown in pokey as a result of PC gone mad while jeering pikies look on, is it?
  3. And in a screech of reading comprehension, the bus skids to a halt....
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  4. The travellers are an ethnic minority who have a genuine need to move about every so often and their presence is merely misunderstood by the intolerant local population who have shown nothing but hostility to the travellers since they innocently set up their camp, where they do nothing but pleasantly integrate with the local community and cause no trouble at all.

    Unfortunately the high court actually believe this to be the case. Pikeys live outside the law because they have managed to convince the fecking jobsworths in power that they are anything other than smelly, unpleasant, inbred, thieving, disrespectful, and generally vile creatures who see absolutely no wrong in living in caravan between piles of their own filth.

    This exclusion of pikeys from the normal laws of the country needs to end. The police aren't prepared to touch them, because they're a difficult target. It's much better to show the chief inspector positive results by successfully prosecuting the local people for minor offences than it is to put a year's work into a case which the high court or human rights people then shit all over. (Not that it should take a year anyway. Why can't it just be - you're on somebody's land, they don't want you to be, so **** off?)

    Their little encampments should be used so the TA artillery can get some practice firing at live targets. I'd pay to watch as bits of caravan were sent orbital by an AS90.
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  5. Be sure and clean up after the climax of your little fantasy.
  6. I've often wondered what gems a DNA profile of the average pikey 'family' would throw up.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    So did Mengele, he had some good ideas for pikeys.
  8. I'm glad DP has that cow gif in his sig block, as it reminds me not to read his drivel.
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  9. Whatever happened to the pikeys who were on the news last year? Half their camp got shifted didnt it as they built it illegally. Is the other half still unfortunately there?
  10. You have the military experience of a satsuma.

    **** off.
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  11. Very fortunate then that the issue of pikeys in a village requires no more military experience than that of a satsuma.
  12. Artillery and TA, actually hitting what they are meant to. Best one yet, I would be more worried for the village surrounding the camp.
  13. "While travellers stay there legally"- answered your own question Froggy.

    Now if you can draft a law, that isn't discriminatory or racist, allowing you to move the Pikeys on while not applying to the villagers...
  14. Precisely. One shelling would sort out the pikeys, the NIMBY villagers, and the spineless 5-0.