laws and rules who needs them ?

i am hoping that there are a few officers on this website who live / work in the jhq, rheindahlen area, as it really grips my sh1t when officers at jhq blatently break rules and laws and get away with them!. dogs are to be on leads at all times, not running along while the owner cycles to work,i would hate to run your dogs over. oh and there are cycle lanes along queens ave , please dont use the road as i wouldnt want you to end up as a bonnet ornament , if you chose to take legal action you wouldnt have a leg to stand on (excuse the pun) if i owned a dog could i bring it into work? without a lead to run around and cr@p all over the place! i think not . so please why do officers believe they are above the law? it puzzles me ?

It is an interesting point you make about Officers thinking they are above the 'law'. Firstly, and do please tell me if I'm wrong, is it LAW that dogs must be kept on leads (possibly is German law) but the MOD barracks will be classed as private land and the law (possibly) won't apply there anyway.

Senior Officers pretty much are above the law when it comes to rules such as 'keep your dog on a lead' which would have been implemented by some sort of Sgt Major. I'd love to see the Sgt Major tell Brig Somebody that he has violated part 2.23 of Standing Orders lol.

That said, however, I do believe your point is completely valid. Officers should adhere to rules in order to get the maximum respect from their soldiers. That said, however, there is something Sandhurst teaches: "you should not be the same as your guys - seperate yourself from them" - some may read that as "you can do everything they're not allowed to".

What are your thoughts in response?
JHQ is unusual in that it is not a barracks, but a suburb of Moenchengladbach. The GCP have a police officer based at the RMP station, and their cars also regularly patrol. They do enforce the German law on the roads around camp. I can recall a big campaign on cyclists, and many were warned and fined for various infractions such as not having the correct lghts.

Whilst it is regrettable that some officers are clearly failing to set the example, they are by no means the only ones who break the rules - how many soldiers have forgotten that in Germany they are responsible for their children? As I remember, they were much more of a problem than the odd dog.


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adyf said:

Firstly, and do please tell me if I'm wrong, is it LAW that dogs must be kept on leads

I may be wrong, but I believe that the dog must be under control of the person with it, if this can be done by word of command then there should be no problem. However, local byelaws may state leads are necessary.

When I was out with mine it was off the lead, but remained to heel at all times, stopped and sat whenever I stopped to cross a road, and totally ignored other dogs. I did however carry a lead with me in case I met anyone with a terror of dogs. (The lead was for the dog by the way.)

I only rarely took the pooch onto camp and ensured I retrieved any eggs laid, but it does grip my kak when others let their hounds run riot.
the point that i was making is that it is law to walk your dog on a lead . jhq is very busy as the germans are allowed to "cut" there way through .queens ave is a german civil road and therefore anyone travelling along it should abide by the rules .the thing is when you are driving down this road many officers are cycling and there mutts are running alongside , as they think they are "carproof"they dont look and just swerve in and out of the traffic as they are crossing the road. (jaywalking). i love dogs and i would hate to knock one over , it is simply getting out of control. why should i stick to a speed limit or ignore the rules of the road if those that are in charge of us blatently flaunt those rules , which some of them sign part one orders with this information on! ..comments please

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