Lawrence murderer to be freed in UK

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BTDT, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. BBC link

    Anyone organising a lynch party would have my full support (and they should string up his lawyer, too)
  2. Thank God he did'nt breech Mr Lawences' Right to live :x that might have gotten him an extra month in nick...Get rid of this Scum
  3. Oh - please. Stop jumping onto the bash the lawyer band wagon.

    As a lawyer, his job is to represent his client to the best of his abilities. That means exploring every avenue available.

    And the report is very shoddily done. The BBC needs to look into that instead of going daily-mail stylee - wtf has human rights got to do with this? The report is very vague on that. It simply picked quotes about human rights and inserted it into the article without regard for continuity or context.

    The report said
    And then failed to elaborate. The report then went on to say that
    Wtf has that got to do with Human rights? The article is clearly sub-standard and needs rewriting.

    I suspect the human rights angle explored is the right to private and family life as enshrined in the ECHR and the HRA. If I can know that without having to do a bit of research, perhaps I ought to be doing the journo's job.

    Putting aside the merits of the article, I think the Home Office has once again popped smoke to obfuscate matters. It insists that it believes that crimnals should be deported - yet that power lies in the hands of parliament where the government has a majority. If the Home Office and by extension the Home Secretary felt so strongly about it, then introduce legislation fool!
  4. S_M

    I'm not lawyer bashing per se, just this one in particular. If you listen to his TV interview you'll understand my anger.

    What do you call two dead lawyers?
    A start.
  5. why is this in the training wing?
  6. This is rediculous. Why has the Government even thought about his rights - he murdered a person.

    Simple - deport him.
  7. simple
    Death penalty would of made this whole thread irrelevant

    you kill

    simple , honest , no quibbling
  8. Hemp fandango ?

    can't take the punishment , think about commiting the crime

    tough love
    or natural justice?

    Most U.K. residents would probably back a death penalty , but only in clear cut undeniable cases