Lawrence dallaglio Rugby Shirt ends 16/6


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I have obtained 2x Rugby Polo shirts from the man himself both are signed 1 to be auctioned here and one at the cricket event.

reserve is £50

Same rules all funds go to Hols4H . I will cover the postage



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Markintime said:
Auld-Yin said:
If you pay me, I might think about taking it.
I'm sure it's worth a lot less than a Scotland RWC Winners' Jersey
oh, hang on. ;)
Is that similar to the 1990 Grand Slam winners t-shirts that the English supporters wore to the game at Murraryfield (but did not wear after the game :lol: )
Enigma266 said:
When does this end please?
As PRT said, it ends 16th of June, and let's say 1900 GMT so people know when to have the 'final look and bid'. ;)

Enigma266 said:
Missed that. I was just drooling over the thought of maybe owning a shirt signed by the God himself. :hump:
Oh come folks ... this is something divine then after all ... get your wallets out. :D

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