Lawrence case corruption probe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. An investigation is being launched over claims that police corruption helped shield the killers of black teenager Stephen Lawrence from conviction.

    link here
  2. I swear I have just been on holiday to the certain Spanish island shown on Newsnight. I actually drank in that Davidson blokes pub. Everyone there knew he was a retired copper. He had the worst lager on the island so I only went once. It was weird seeing it on the telly I thought I was dreaming !
  3. Who'd of thought eh ? More bent plod :x
  4. In the Met as well? Shocking.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Can the case be re-opened? If memory serves the gang that is generally held to be the attackers did actually go to trial but were acquitted. Can they go to trial again if more evidence is found, or if this guy is proven to be bent?
  6. [q]
    "Davidson told me that he was looking after Norris and that to me meant that he was protecting him, protecting his family against arrest and any conviction," Mr Putnam said.

    "From my conversation that I had with John Davidson on that day, I would say that John Davidson was receiving cash from Clifford Norris by his expression that he was using it was, he was getting a little earner out of it - it was a good little earner.


    Could it be that he was protecting the "innocent until proven guilty?" It sounds to be like this guy has found another way to earn a fee from an interview and thus profiting from his own illegal action. Sour grapes?

    I don't know the truth and this guy could be corrupt, or maybe not, but there should be a ban on bringing it up in the press until the investigation has been completed! I bet if the investigation finds nothing then the press don't make as big a fuss out of being wrong and thus slurring his character!
  7. Yes it can go back to a re-trial as they were acquitted. The original trial Judge, the late Judge Richardson left the door open to a re-trail by acquitting the gang.
  8. At the time there were stories pointing out the links between Norris and organised South London Crime and the suspicious inacitivyt of the Met in Private Eye and Scallywag. Scallywag was a North London scandal rag that was sued by John Major for claiming he was having an affair -with the Downing Street Caterer.
  9. Evidence will not be used as the basis of an application for retrial if the evidence was in the possession of the prosecution at the time of the original trial, but withheld for tactical reasons.
  10. Well I would'nt mind some luxury time with Edwina Curry.................................

    If this taking a bung is true then I welcome a re trial.

    What I don't welcome is Mrs Doreen Lawrence gobbing off again. Her previous vicious attack on all police should have been nipped in the bud rather than allowed to ruin policing as it did.

    I hope that Sir Ian Blair will control her in the event of her starting up again, but I doubt that he will.
  12. Silly question... but if the prosecution failed due to corruption... does this mean that the whole institutional racist thing was the wrong conclusion and if so can the police get back to dealing with spiralling levels of street crime without being labelled racist?
  13. I doubt very much this new evidence was known at the orginal trial. Had it been then this would have been gold dust to the prosecution. The defendants were not aquitted due to corruption.
  14. There are a lot of aspects to this case that don't sit well, one of them being the possibility that the motive was in fact drugs related rather than racial. Given the background of the suspects then perhaps a mixture of police corruption and outside pressure resulted in an almighty cock up. Seems to me that this entire episode has been used to further policial aims rather than further the interests of justice. Was the aquittal of the subjects due to pressure being applied to the investigators and the prosecution for instance?
  15. It's hard to say but that's why the late Justice Richardson imposed an aquittal so the door was left open for the case to be picked up on again. Good old Justice Richardson!.