Lawnmowers in MQs

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 4Boys, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. The lawnmower provided with our MQ has broken and we are getting the run around from the housing mafia on a replacement.

    We have tried the Housing Information Centre in Aldershot, MHS and the ASU. Responses are varied but all negative with claims that the entire fleet of lawnmowers has been condemned and they are no longer issued.

    Does anybody know who we should be talking to and what the reference is for lawnmower entitlement?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. If they aren't issuing them, I guess you'll have to buy one.

    I believe that the reason they used to issue them was because the occupier was expected to keep grass in a reasonable state, so I suppose that one could argue the requirement for an issued mower remains extant: clearly DE do not agree.

    How very unexpected. Not.
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    Lawnmowers is the least of our worries.
  5. And that attitude, dear readers, is why the powers that be are able to get away with providing sub-standard housing to soldiers, and will continue to do so for ever and a day.
  6. Easy answer.

    Don't cut the grass and hand the FSQ back with a jungle for a garden.
  7. ...........then pm aj2608 to let her know she's got somewhere to trial her jungle schlaff-sack-arctic-liner combo.
  8. From what date have they been issuing lawn mowers? I ask because I am outraged that I had to buy my own years ago. Next you will be telling me they come round and wash your windows. :roll: With the current climate I would rather the money is spent on op's kit. The simple solution is to do what the rest of us do and buy a mower or ask to move into a flat. :wink:
  9. I have had my own lawn mower for over 8 years (been replaced) as this is the amount of time I have lived in MQ. I was never aware that they were provided and personally think they should not be either.
  10. Go to B&Q, see if they will sponsor one?
  11. News to me as well.
  12. Just buy one from John Lewis and claim it on expenses. If MP's can do it im sure forces can get away with it
  13. Snail you are on good form today. I was always issued with one in a box which I never used as it was the same as the cooker it had to be striped,dipped in acid , repainted and assembled for march out. Easy answer go to B&Q spend £20 buy a nice flymo rather than the old crap push along army one.
  14. OK folks, get the message nobody thinks a lawnmower should be provided any more, though they used to be –one mower between 2 MQs. If we cannot preserve our own standards then we stand no hope against the agencies that are bearing down on our terms and conditions of Service.

    I will buy one but what’s next? fix your own leaking pipe because it is only £60 to call a plumber, finish off the MHS work yourself because it only needs a bit of plaster and paint, keep your windows open because it is only damp, clean your own carpets on takeover because it is only £200.

    With only a few years left in MQs I can cope but I feel sorry for those embarking into wedded bliss living in MQs in the future when the thin edge of a large wedge is slowly being driven in.
  15. Got a lawn mower for sale<<

    if fact F##k it, free to a good home<<<<<