Lawn tractor cracked pipe repair?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. The pipe connecting the exhaust port to the silencer has cracked.Given the thing is 15 years old and was second hand when I acquired it and I can only get spares from the us - I was thinking of using repair paste.
    Does this stuff actually work?
  2. The paste bandage works better, if you can buy it.

    Given that it's an MOT fail I'm not sure if it will still be on the market.
  3. Aren't you a plumber?

    Silver solder a copper patch on it.
  4. A copper patch would double the value of the thing.I'll look for the bandage,Ta.
  5. Balck nasty shoud do the trick.
  6. plaster of paris bandage is handy i used it on my exhaust when I was in Cyprus and it lasted for ages
  7. The easiest solution is to remove the section of pipe from your lawn tractor and take it to your local blacksmith or agricultural dealer. Let them make a repair that will last another 15 years. Do not take the pipe to your local garden machinery dealer - they will rip you off...... and probably make things a thousand times worse.

    If you live in a rural location go see your local farmer and ask him to repair it - will probably do it for a case of 1664!!!!
  8. Prob. why it's still on the market then. They do work, I used to use the Holt's ones on my rattly old Landrover.
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  9. Where is it... a picture paints a thousand words?

    Gun fire- cement works a treat, but you have to keep the two pieces rigid to one another.
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