Lawmakers in high-minority areas send few to US Milacademies

Discussion in 'US' started by RedCoat2009, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. ANNAPOLIS, Md. — As the nation's military academies try to recruit more minorities, they aren't getting much help from members of Congress from big-city districts with large numbers of blacks, Hispanics and Asians.
    From New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, lawmakers from heavily minority areas rank at or near the bottom in the number of students they have nominated for appointment to West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy or the U.S. Air Force Academy, according to an Associated Press review of records from the past five years.


    This is a shocking example of the hypocrisy of American politicians. I remember seeing on the US television a program where Black American congressmen berated US military officers for the lack of Black officers.

    The article above, from the USA Today, 23 Nov 2009.

    Thoughts from my fellow Yank ARRSERs?
  2. Why not try the British method? No nominations but filtering and then a full on selection process?
  3. In talking to Yanks, I get the impression that there is great pressure to have their officer corps "look" like America. Multicultural. That poses problems. Many Black members of the US Congress appear to be anti-American.

    Each member of Congress can appoint one eligible person to the military academy. Most Black congressmen do NOT do this, by design. Then, they berate the military leadership for bigotry when the officer numbers show few minorities.

    Apparently, many talented young Blacks are denied, for pure political reasons, an opportunity to succeed. That, to me, is a diabolical thing for a politician to do. (Haven't we seen equally bad things from parliament?)

    As for adopting our system, the US can't do that...their officer corps is bigger than our army. And, they can't have an all white officer corps.

    As I heard in a conference at a very high Brit HQs a few months ago, "We can not afford to have an officer corps that has minorities. The Toms won't stand for it."

    At the end of the day...the US Congress appears to be as corrupt as Parliament.
  4. The other end of the problem is that the minority student, who can qualify for the academies, normally has every college and university throwing money at him/her to attend their place of study, without a commitment to serve at the end. Of the five black astronauts, only two were from the military. The rest got advanced degrees through civilian study.
  5. Excellent point. As so few young black American males even qualify for university, the competition by institutions for qualified applicants must be intense. One must suppose it is gratifying to be so highly sought after.

    One is led to believe that there are more young black American males in prison than in education.

    In the British media yesterday was a reported that, in the UK, 75% of all young Afro-Caribbean males have had significant encounters with the police. Hence, one could conclude there is either a criminal aspect of their behaviour, or, they are singled out by the police for harsh treatment.

    I suspect the US will need to fix this congressional attitude, on the part of black Democratic ploiticans, in order to get these youths into the mainstream of society.

    Perhaps some Yank opinions on this? Are your black politicians as corrupt, dishonest and deceitful as they appear, especially on this specific topic?
  6. Slight cynicism on -- they don't actively want to help black youth, they want to keep them where they are as their pet voting bloc. Just look at the treatment dished out by Dems/other blacks to any black person who is successful outside of sports or music, or -- heaven forfend! -- conservative politics.

    Just see, for instance, the frankly racist treatment dished out to:

    Colin Powell,
    Condi Rice,
    Justice Clarence Thomas,
    Mike Steele,

  7. eh?
  8. Are you posting from 1954?
  9. Most of us don’t care if an officer is green, blue or purple! As long as they can do the job just like the majority of pink officers. If they have the education why do they need to get preferential treatment for a place in your officer academies? If they are good enough then they should be accepted for their education and not skin. Oh and a bit of common sense please.

    Why do so many Afro Caribs get pulled by the police, it is obvious isn’t it? Look at where the main areas that they are living. London, Manchester and Birmingham. It could be that they may be living in areas that are renowned for drugs, gangs and weapons. If they don’t want to tarred with the same brush as the minority of criminals then why not leave and join up. We are always looking for people and i am sure they would prefer a life in the forces than some of the dumps they are currently living in.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    HQ BNP?
  11. What could possibly make you think that?
  12. Please, take a look many officers are from the ethnic communities? How many UK minority offices have attended either ICSC or ASCS at Shrivenham?
  13. At least 740 tri-service of which at least 395 are Army, depending on how many are classed 'unknown'.
  14. 1854, at a guess.

    Red Coat, do you have a link to this study or even the AP report? It'd be interesting to see if they name the Congresspeople and the districts involved. I know from living in LA and having some friends as teachers in the public school system that most of the kids in "minority" neighbourhoods struggle to even graduate from High School. What the guys above say is correct. The US service academies are exceptionally selective and their acceptance rates are comparable to the Ivy League schools.

    Not only are the academic standards as rigourous as any university in the US, there is an exceptional amount of, quite frankly, bullsh1t that cadets/mipshipmen must endure at the same time. (About 90% of their mil training actually occurs during the summer.) Anyone who has served has been through beastings, riftings etc., but none of us have done it for 4 years whilst trying to get through something that's tougher than Harvard or Oxbridge. (Remember- no resits or academic back-coursing here. Everyone goes through in 4 years or not at all)

    I have to be honest, unless I was a kid hell-bent on becoming a general someday (or a masochist) and I met the mountain of academic and social requirements, I'd be hitting up Harvard and their scholarship deals- their endowment is now so big that if your family income is less than $75k (or thereabouts) they'll pay for you to attend. If I wanted to join the forces, I'd go the ROTC route and spend 4 years getting up at the crack of noon and being up to my plums in flange- and Uncle Sam would still pick up the tab for my education and I'd still have a job when I graduate.

    From Absolutely American by David Lipsky
  15. 2 of the Congress Critters mentioned here in the States are Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters.

    Waters excuse was hostile reaction from Constituents

    Rangel is just lazy and shiftless