Lawmaker denies helping daughter win contracts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 17, 2006.

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    It never rains........
  2. Weldon was the force behind the Able Danger inquiry and some speculate that this might be payback. On the other hand it may be legit.
  3. Another Republican, another scandal.What else is new?
  4. Last I heard people are innocent until proven otherwise.
  5. Isn't strange people are innocent until proven guilty only if they stand for a cause you support? Just like the system never works unless it works for you?

    Would you be singing the same tune if this guy was a Democrat?

    Just thought I would ask.
  6. does that apply to the inmates in gitmo?
  7. Thank you very much Mr Geo. Wonder how he is going to spin this very valid point.
  8. I met Weldon several years ago. He seemed o be one of the better Republicans in Congress. Even if he is found innocent, this is the end of his career.
  9. Before we criticise the Yanks, perhaps we should look at some of the contracts awarded to a certain son of Prescott. Some very lucrative property deals have gone his way. Not that its not all above board of course, I mean a working class hero like John Prescott would never betray his principles would he?
  10. New Labour is much fairer - you don't necessarily need to be a relative to win contracts, just make a large donation to the Party. For example, Lord Drayson, the current Defence Procurement Minister, who gave about half a mil, was raised to the peerage and given several very valuable govt contracts, in spite of being in trouble for selling dodgy vaccines.