Lawless Iraq is key drug route

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 12, 2005.

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    I'm sure I posted on this months ago......

  2. Hmm... So the drug route to Western Europe is Afghanistan (increased production since intervention) - to Iraq (increased traffic since intervention) - to Balkans (increased traffic since intervention)... if only I could spot it, there seems to be a pattern there.
  3. Makes sense to me. Drugs warloards do still exsist in my part of the world.
    The US took Ganistan from almost drug free to booming Supermarket.
    Like Hackle's comment there be a pattern there.
    I once witness a good argument with one yank saying words to the effect of
    You'll never get rid of Drugs as long as theres a DEA, its(DEA) a multi billion dollar industry and two many up and comming US profesionals have their future tied up in it, kids schooling, morgage university. They'll keep it going. And the US makes it the problem of the producing cunties and not the american consumer.
  4. The only solution to drugs is to make them legal. The government should set up shops every where to give the stuff away free to anyone who walks in. This would reduce burglary and other theft by addicts to fund their habit and would put drugs dealers out of business. Those that actively encourage people to become new drug users to make a profit or again fund their habit would no longer have reason to do this so the number of new users would reduce. Those at the poor end of the gene pool that use them would decrease as they overdosed, again shrinking the number of users.
    The down side is that BMW UK might go under and there would be more police available to plague the motorist.
  5. Lets face it, if there were no demand for it, there would be no need to traffic it. Why not tackle the problem at home instead, with mandatory rehabilitation for all drug users - none of this methadone replacement. Lets have a nice padded cell with wash down walls....and none of this human rights codswallop...what about my human rights to enjoy a drug free society?

    Iraq has always had porous borders - you can't say that it's because of our invasion. The difference is that it is cheaper, as there aren't that many border guards in place to rake off "transit taxes"!
  6. making it legal? alcohol is legal, there are plenty of people with social issues and crime.

    and why do you think it is just the poor end of the gene pool that uses them? and at what age do you make it legal to use? and what do you do with illegal users then?.

    people have also committed burglary long before drugs came on the scene. ask the Dutch..i think you will find they regret making it legal, what do you do then with "tourists" comming in just for drugs.
    Overall it is not worth the hassle IMHO
  7. One word.....Prohibition. It not only didn't work, it also generated massive crime. If something is available on every street corner, banning it is pointless, it just empowers criminals.

    Something about legalising drugs appeals to me, and it's so radical that it might just work. If drugs were available from Tesco I still wouldn't want any, the only difference would be that plod would have his workload reduced by two thirds.
  8. Having worked in this field for a number of years (on the right side of the law I hasten to add!) I have come to the realisation that, legalisation aside, there are only two real solutions to the problem:
    1. Education, education,education-where have we heard that before? Kids should have it hammered into them from an impressionably early age the miseries caused by drugs, and once in their early teens should be made to attend the autopsy of an overdosed junkie. The sights, sounds and smells should put a sizeable majority off the idea for life.
    2. Sentencing. Reclassify cannabis as class b. It is the thin end of the wedge. I have yet to meet ANY Class A user/dealer/importer who has not graduated from the waccy. It is only recently that the mental health problems caused by cannabis have entered the public arena- the shit around these days is not the mild 60's pot, it is fecking superstrength with a much much higher level of THC (tetrahydrocannnibol-the "active ingredient"). Sentences for possession of anything over an accepted "personal use" amount of any drug should be savage, with cast iron three strikes and you're out (or rather in for life) legislation that is enforced to the letter of the law.
    May sound a bit drastic, but next time you're in any inner urban area, take a look around. The amount of monged up people, unemployable and spaced out of their heads on gear is unbelievable once you look closely. How many times has some rat faced chav passed you,leaving the lingering aroma of waccy in their trail? As Spanner said, what about my right to a drug free society?
    Finally, where do they get the funds to support their habit? Clue-it ain't gonna be legal!
    Sorry,rant over!
  9. for someone who has worked in the field for a number of years, i am surprised by some of your comments, it is not just the poor who use illegal substances, in fact most of the clients i see are actually in work.
    the ones that don't seem to be are the ones dodging jail sentencesor referred in by the criminal justice system and use services to try and get reduced time in the lock up.
  10. What a load of cods, I'm not sure you realise the scale drug of use in this country.

    Its not just smack addicts and crack heads you know. Many folk lead normal, productive (tax paying) lives, smoking a bit of pot at the weekend or taking a few pills on a night out with no effect on society at all. As has been mentioned drinking causes plenty of problems, in fact its well documented that it causes more and don't give me the "well alcohol is legal" crap because do you for one minute believe that if alcohol was discovered recently it would be legal? "I've discovered this drink that makes you feel depressed, sometimes violent and pass out if you drink too much and oh, it damages your body and will burden the NHS for years". I don't fecking think so.

    As has been mentioned, legalising drugs is the only answer. In Switzerland they have clinics that prescribe proper heroin (not methadone) to addicts and its cheaper to run than locking people up in prison or trying to wean them off it, which usually fails anyway.

    If drugs are legalised then they can be taxed and the profits put back into the NHS to help those with serious problems, which is exactly what happens with alcohol at the mo. The only people who profit from drugs being illegal at the mo are the criminals themselves.
  11. One of the 'idiots' who occasionals drops in The Pub where I drink was a minor player in the UK entertainment industry 60s-70s.
    The other evening someone mentioned the Stones had a new tour comming off in the states and drugs got mentioned.
    "Knew them he says" Oh boring boring thinks me he's off again.
    Wish I know about Drugs in those days, can't remember how many old mates died over the years from Drugs.
  12. Gary Glitter?
  13. ChUNT !
    The local polis don't play games. Give them a name and he's watched. When he scores, down goes his door in go the heavy squad and no such thing as none admissable evidence. Kaching mind ya finger, long stay booked.
    But I do know wht you mean.
  14. Seriously John, isn't the famed kiddy fiddler in your part of the world?
  15. I think he is in Cambodia.
    Very bad subject.
    Anyone who 'interfears' with kids in Thialand will go down for a long time.
    There is presantly a Thai polis Col who got a 16 year sentence for 'bonking a couple of 13 year old girls. He apealled and it was reduced to 13 years on legal grounds.
    25 years ago, when I first came as a squadei on leave from Bruni, very young girls where on 'offer' quite openly. But succesive Thai governments have cracked down and any form of 'violence' toward a Thai citizen is view with maximum displeasure by local authorities.
    A local jurno I know. did an exstensive artical on Pedophilia in Thailand. 95+% are Thai, home grown. The authorities deal harshly with them and foringers have no chance, their feet don't touch.
    Cambodia is still wide open and has become the place of choice for "Perves". It has been sugested to me that an entry visa from Cambodia in your passport automatically alerts authorities world wide.