Lawless Britain...another rant etc..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. I detest the Scum and all it stands for, but the front page today is strangely compelling.


    Added to the list should be such items that have slipped under the radar, such as the extra £40m allocated to Scottish prisoners in compensation for the indignity of slopping out, and the stabbing that happened on the outskirts of Edinburgh the other day.

    The antiterrorist operation is clearly unsustainable. I dread to think what would happen if the London scenes were replicated elsewhere in the UK and how the police would cope.

    So what the fcuk is happening?

    Why are our borders so porous that we can't check who goes in or out? Lets sort these out before blowing a few billion on useless ID cards.

    Why are scum allowed to rule the neighbourhood with impunity?

    Why our are city centres binge-drinking war zones?

    Why are our prisons overcrowded, yet our streets filled with scum?

    I read (before the racist axe murder and the bus stabbing) that another recent murder had been committed by a thug who had been released from 2 prison sentences! What is going on?

    The rank-and-file British police are probably the best-trained and finest in the world. Their organisation and political leadership is clearly lamentable. I would suggest as a first measure that control of policing is completely devolved to local authority level. This may involve a reorganisation of constabulary boundaries to match the local authority structure. Naturally some functions (antiterrorism, organised crime) would need to be centralised. Also, scrap the ridiculous community police support scheme and replace them with proper officers.

    This ongoing antiterrorism operation will have a damaging effect on crime fighting (as pointed out today) and there may be a role for the Armed Forces under MACP/MACA. A lot of cr@p is spouted (in the Torygraph letters pages) about how soldiers could be used as firearms experts, but this is clearly nonsense as the police training is extremely rigourous and designed for a specific purpose. Nevertheless, there may well be a role for soldiers (etc) in surveillance, patrol and C2 roles in order to free up police officers.

    The war on drugs is lost - if it ever was a war. All narcotics should be made available on prescription, as heroin originally was. This should be tied to an intrusive medical and police monitoring scheme, to ensure that mongs are not participating in criminal or antisocial activity, and that a rehabilitation regime is available. Child-care rights should be suspended for the duration of the prescription. This would establish a state monopoly on addiction and push out organised crime.

    Empty the prisons of pointless prisoners - fine-dodgers etc - and fill them to the brim with antisocial and violent criminals. Carrying a knife - 5 years. Assaulting someone - 10 years minimum. Murder - life ie. until death.

    Lock up or deport the racists who preach racial violence, jihad or whatever. The neo-Nazi throwing bricks is exactly the same as the militant fundamentalist preaching suicide bombings. I don't particularly care if they are out the country or banged up, as long as they are off the streets. No new offences (the stock response of this government that doesn't even enforce existing laws) are needed for this.

    Restore faith in democracy. If a MP lies to Parliament - they stand down. If a minister lies - they are sacked as a minister and MP and may face prosecution. If an official (eg civil servant) lies or abuses their office - they are sacked and may face prosecution. Strip them of their pension rights, except for a preserved pension based on the minimum wage.

    The Home Office and this government are guilty of unprecedented dereliction in presiding over a nation that is on the brink of anarchy. Where is the Opposition? They are stuck in a process of electing a leader that makes choosing a new Pope seem straightforward. David Davis has belatedly stuck his head above the parapet, but the shower of liars and incompetents in charge should be on the ropes over this.
  2. I totally agree with you, and the Scum for once, but these things have been going on for years and will continue to go on for years. The 2 main factors of this is the Human Rights Act and the PC brigade. If the country decided to adopt newer policies and got rid of these 2 factors, I believe alot of these problems could be addressed and dealt with accordingly.
  3. the prisons fill up with stupid people given light sentances that do very little 6 months jail time in reality means 3 months.
    often the petty scum bag shop lifter burgular etc is a drug addict .
    punishing an addict is bit pointless
    often by the time they get to caught they have forgotten what there being punished for .
    it just takes so long to punish people drunk tramp who lamped me one at a hostel 3 court appreances over 9 months result £50 fine £50 quid compensation order so far 2 years and he still owes £18.
  4. Like most people who have an Intelligence Quotient higher than their shoe size, I have a healthy contempt for The Scum. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    Everything you have written makes sense to most law-abiding, hard working people.Problem is, there are a lot of powerful people wih a vested interst in keeping things the way they are. These people - up to and including the Prime Minister's wife - are making a fortune protecing the rights of scum. And turkey's don't vote for Xmas.
    You make some excellent suggestions. I would like to add my own.
    Set up an elite, paramilitary "third force" that bridges the gap between the army and police.
    This Force should have a military rank, discipline and command structure. It's officer's should be highly trained and well equipped. It should be multi-rolled: border security, VIP Close Protection, Public Order(riot squad)etc. All members of this Force should be firearms trained.
    It should be a national Force, HQ in London, regional HQ's in Cardiff and Edinburgh and Field Offices in every major UK city.
    This Force would have a number of benefits:
    Extra back-up for normal police in dangerous situations.
    Freeing police to perform their central duty, to be out on the streets.
    Increase Border Security - a vital service. When one of the most wanted men in Britain can hope on a train to Europe, during one of the biggest police and security service operations in history, something has gone badly wrong.
    Provide employment for a lot of ex-squaddies.
    One final point. I emailed Blair over a year ago, suggesting he set up this type of Agency. A little while later, the Inspecator of Constabulary made the same basic reccomendation in his annual report.
    I'm not going to hold my breath.
  5. How wierd! In the week that NI finally accepts the inevitable, people on this board are suggesting starting a new paramilitary force for mainland Britain. The only way to stop crime is through proper funding of the police, not starting our own dodgy little KGB-like death squads. I, for one, would be happy for CCTV to be far more widespread, perhaps slightly unobtrusive, in order that people don't smash them up etc - criminals would never know if they were in the limelight and perhaps it might help to cause uneaseamong their ranks. Again, harking back to NI, the South Armagh watchtowers worked to a large extent - the book Bandit Country claims that G40 was built specifically to monitor Slab Murphy's farm on the border, which was the hub of SAMA IRA operations. By monitoring it 24/7, it put the terrorists on the back foot.
  6. The Dutch Koningklijke Marechaussee is a good example of the sort of 'third force' we ought to have; I would not wish to see the likes of, say, the Frog CRS on our streets.
  7. Ms Cherie Booth?
  8. In other words, a lot like the Italian Carabinieri (who also provide the military police), in particular, and the use the Italians make of their multitude of law-enforcement agencies (including, by the way, the Forestry Corps).
    Before the almost inevitable Italian knocking begins, I grant that all these outfits have their fair share of O2 wasters, but they are generally effective. Granted, too, that co-operation/intel sharing between the various agencies, regions, provinces etc, has, in the past been a touch hit and miss, but steps have been taken in recent years to rectify this and a great deal of progress has been made.
    All forces have been aided by the retention of national service until now (the last age group to have to complete NS is those born in 1989, IIRC).
    BTW the concept of NS in Italy is not merely one of pushing young males into military service, but one of "service to the community" - hence a large civil defence organisation and I have heard that genuine conchies, for instance, can opt to fulfil their national service obligations by becoming a paramedic or ambulance driver.
    The result of this is the development of national pride (Oops, is one allowed to say such a thing!) and a sense of social responsibility.

    Another idea which may appeal is to create units ready to be despatched at short-notice for disaster relief. Nowadays, with all other commitments and manpower shortages, this is probably not possible within the UK armed forces, but it could have been an option with units roleing through as a sort of R&R post (if you were crashed out for real, tough, otherwise carry on with normal training. Arguably, today, this sort of unit could be formed at - dare I say it - European level.
    While the above mainly refers to use of the armed forces for disaster relief, the concept could equally be manifested in a sort of civvy 'international rescue' organisation. Then you could bring in the 'enrolment' of chavs and their like, give them a bit of a beasting in basic Civil Defence training, and send them off when necessary. Might give them a new persepctive on life - but then again ...
    Reading the above, I think I have a couple of options, either think the whole thing through more carefully, or just get my coat.
  9. As an avid reader of HMI recommendations I've never seen this and would like a link please. "Third Forces" are all very well, but really the only thing I see a need for is a dedicated border police force, not the uneasy amalgam of HMC&E, HMI and police (all of whom have different cultures/ command & control/ SOPs etc).

    The idea of paramilitary flying squads zooming around Britain sorting out chavs is all very appealing but how many of you have actually worked with Carabineri/ CRS/ etc? You don't want it, you really don't.

    We are falling into the Neu Arbeit "create something new for the sake of it" trap here, ladies & gentlemen. More accountable senior officers who haven't been chosen for their impeccable liberal credentials, less Human Rights gold-plating and a more red-blooded Home Secretary is all that's really required here.

    As to the original post!

    The interesting thing here, where there is much fun and speculation to be had, is why is Rupert kicking Neu Arbeit in the nuts like this so shortly after supporting them in the election? Have Rebekah have been unleashed because for some reason they've decided that The Project was just so much smoke and mirrors after all?

  10. I remember the HM Inspector being quoted on BBC News about setting up a "Sub-set of armed police to carry out close protection, embassy guard duties etc." Apparently, the idea was based on the German system. HMI thought making fully trained police officers carry out these duties were a waste of resources, since it could be done by guards who were trained for that roll but without full police training.
    I remember this news item because it was on the same day that Fathers For Justice threw a condom full of purple powder at Blair in the House of Commons.
    As for the old "we need more coppers on the street" reaction, we now have more of them than ever and crime is still going through the roof. And yes, I'm well aware that the lawyers. judges and politicians are part of the problem rather than the solution. But the idea of a national Heavy Mob appeals to me...if only because it would give a chance of a job with a lot more satisfaction than stacking shelves.
    It's a moot point anyway. Blair does'nt have the bootle for it. And even if he did Cherie would'nt let him.
    No chance of KGB-UK for the forseeable future, I'm afraid.
  11. The thought of a carabinieri-type adjunct to the police is frightening. The British bobby is, on the whole, the world's best and what we need is more of them tackling crime rather than being misemployed by the Home Office. It would be appropriate to set up a border force, perhaps based on the Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard is larger than our Royal Navy (although I don't think it has nukes...yet!)

    Perhaps the Scum is putting the boot in to Liabour because they know Bliar is deserting the sinking ship, and they want to intimidate those left behind. Having said that, if the Scum want to tackle the chav/mong underclass then they apparently want to criminalise their readership.
  12. The big question to be answered here is why is the crime rate "going through the roof"? IMO it is because the crims have no fear of the consequences.

    How about this for an idea. Set sentencing for set crimes based on the monetary value to the victim. No parole, no time off for good behaviour, no time already served allowances, no weekend passes none of that sh!t.

    The judge gives you 5 years and this means you are going to be sat in prison for 2191 days without a TV, porn mag, Internet access etc etc.

    For those crimes where the monetary value either can't be set or is of nusiance value only then the crim gets a minimum sentence of 1 year.

    Zero tolerance is the only way forward. Of course this means that we as normal law abiding citizens will also be liable for all those little things you do that are actually against the law but we do them anyway. ie speeding, littering, trespass, etc etc
  13. Spot on Steven. Strictly enforce the laws we already have. We don't need a third force.

    It seems to me that criminals, lawyers, and policemen, are all on a bandwagon and us taxpayers are paying for it.
  14. It'll only change with regime change and as the people of this country wanted and still want Tony Blair.......we're stuck with it. If the truth be known, nobody gives a f*ck if it doesn't affect them so don't expect any great moves in the direction of your choice. It ain't happening. Next year some other kid will get murdered for his phone,trainers, I-Pod,whatever.......and we'll all be up in arms again. And then we'll forget about it.....until the next time......and then we'll have a vigil.

    How many murders do we need until regime change begins? You can have as many as you want.......the Brits don't give a f*ck unless its close to home........and then they have a vigil.

    Who the f*ck wants to live there anyway. It's one big cesspool and it's getting worse. But what the f*ck......let's have a vigil.
  15. Just one if you get it right. :D