Law prohibiting "condoning terrorism" - good or bonkers?

Is this proposed law stupid?

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IMHO the only good thing about this proposed law is that the Wicked Witch could be locked up!

Theoretically anyone celebrating July 4th and any Irish celebrating the Easter Rising (insurgencies and uprisings against the British Crown) could be locked up.

Also, anyone who supports "direct action" such as that carried out by foxhunting supporters and environmentalists may be criminalised.

As normal, from this wretched government, we see a proposed law that is unworkable and that will only provide cash for the lawyers involved in the convoluted arguments that will ensue. The law must be objective and not subjective.

Resources and effort will be directed away from measures that could prevent terrorist attacks. Isn't there scope to lock someone up for inciting racial hatred or, in future, religious hatred?

New law to stop flow of volunteers to terror camps
By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent
(Filed: 16/07/2005)

Clerics who endorse suicide bombers could face prosecution under a new offence of "indirect incitement to commit terrorist acts" announced by the Government yesterday.

Factors such as the "tone" of remarks and whether there was an element of "glorification" could be taken into account by the courts in deciding whether an offence was committed.

In a letter sent to the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, also gave details of two other new offences being created in a counter-terrorism Bill to be published this year.

An anti-training law will make it illegal to receive or provide terrorism training in Britain or abroad, in large camps or even on a one-to-one basis.

Another law will make committing "acts preparatory to terrorism" an offence.

Officials started drawing up the proposals several months ago.

In his letter Mr Clarke said that further offences could be included in the Bill if the police and security services demanded them in the light of the inquiry into the London bombings.

Last night the Tories and the Liberal Democrats broadly welcomed the proposals relating to terrorist training and "acts preparatory to terrorism".

But they did not endorse the plan to make "indirect incitement" an offence, suggesting that Tony Blair would fail in his ambition to achieve cross-party consensus behind all aspects of the legislation.

At a briefing, Hazel Blears, the police minister, said the new offence of indirect incitement "would apply to people who seek to glorify terrorist activity, perhaps by saying: 'It's a marvellous thing that this has happened. These people are martyrs.' "

Such comments could be construed "as an endorsement of terrorism".

Asked to define "indirect incitement", she said: "It is very difficult to give examples of this.

"It would depend on what words were used. Were they an endorsement, were they a glorification?

"In some cases, the tone of your endorsement might take it into glorification."

She went on: "What we are trying to get to here is that, where people know the things that they say are likely to incite people, then the criminal offence should be sufficient for them to be prosecuted."

The new offence would also apply to both public and private statements, Miss Blears said.

Last weekend Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner, said that around 3,000 British-born or British-based people had passed through Osama bin Laden's terrorist training camps.

In future, the new law would allow such recruits to be prosecuted, although the camps in Afghanistan have now been disbanded and Miss Blears indicated that the law would not be retrospective.

In an interview recorded for broadcast tomorrow, Clare Short, the former inter-national development secretary, claimed that a law banning "indirect incitement" could be used to prosecute people such as Cherie Blair.

Mrs Blair attracted controversy three years ago when, at the launch of an appeal by a Palestinian medical charity, she said: "As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up, you are never going to make progress.
When will Labour learn that all they need to do is properly enforce and support existing legislation? The Commission, Preparation and Instigation of terrorism is already a substantive criminal offence, and that portion of the Terrorism Act 2000 might need a bit of a tweak.

Oh, but I suppose that wouldn't make much of a headline, would it?

More grist to the mill for Cherie's elite cadre of Neo-Marxist lawyers at Matrix. Trebles all round!

As usual with this useless government, they'll pass some very ill thought out laws and IMO try to slip some oppressive laws through with them. This Government are obviously unable to run this country effectively. But they may achieve what Hilter couldn't and that is the destruction of Great Britian and the British way of life.


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