LAW handed in during knife amnesty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by airborne_artist, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Got a link to go with the picture? Link added as I typed - Ignore my last!
  2. Was it used though? IIRC LAWs are disposable. Hence, if used, then it cannot fire 350 metres, whatever the BBC might say.
  3. Bound to be used - I hope. Can't see Plod playing with it if he thought it might be live.

    I'd love to have one on my dash all the time though. Just for emergencies you understand.
  4. Hopefully he's aiming at at No.10 whilst President Bliar is doing his presidential wave :evil:
  5. more pathetic b*llsh*t alarmist reporting...............

    police were surprised to receive this rocket launcher which can fire 350 metres. <TRANSLATES> police were surprised to receive this empty fiberglass and copper ammunition container that once was used to launch a 66mm Heat projectile out to 350 meters, and without which it is totaly harmless.
  6. Dorset police made great play with BBC South Today when a used one was handed in during the last gun amnesty. I phoned the beeb and told them that they were not telling the truth as it was just a used piece of ordinance that could not be resurrected to anything much more than a door stop.
    Sadly the truth was not as interesting as the story..............................tossers!
  7. Is it illegal to possess the casing (I have thereof sir) and why did the feckwit hand it in during a KNIFE amnesty. (Good luck stabbing someone with that you dribbling halfwit)
  8. It may have been illegal to have it in your possesion but I can remember when 3RGJ were in Celle circa 73, and I had to collect a bloke from the pads area and saw about four pad brats running round "taking out" all of the local traffic with them. :D
    Interestingly enough you occaisionaly see them on ebay.
  9. Not illegal to possess a "used" 66 tube if you obtain an FFE Certificate from ATO. How do you think all of the drill / training tubes were obtained?

    wtf since when has a 66 law been called a "tankbuster"
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Nah,it's the new weapon against chavs who drive souped up Renault Clitoris's with bass boxes & stuff added on!.....
    "Go ahead chav scum....Make my day....!"
  12. Used LAW tubes are entirely legal to own in this country, and if its from a civvie source you do not need an FFE or anything similar. These are freely available at militaria fairs and the like, along with inert rounds and ordnance of all shapes and sizes.

    As mentioned above: a salacious, inaccurate and alarmist bit of rotten reporting. As far as the Police in question go - a classic example of the paradox of those ignorant of firearms law actually being in charge of policing it!
  13. Duplicate post deleted - server's obviously gone to watch the football....
  14. more to the point when was it last able to do more than slightly annoy a tank crew...