Law Firms - Any good ones?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Has any one had any experience of using one of these no win no fee law firms?

    Are there any good ones out there?

    I'm looking at chasing the NHS for medical negligence and want little fuss and minimum expense in doing so.
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  2. dingerr I can't say I'm surprised. The NHS negligent? Never.

    I can also understand why you are going no win, no fee - all NHS trusts have an exceptionally low acceptance/acknowledgement rates for complaints.

    I morally support you but no advice RE: the no win no fee.

    If you've a good story have you considered going to a 2nd tier City firm Pro Bono? 1st tier would never look at it (i.e. Magic Circle). You'd be a lot more successful in getting a win via this route.
  3. Speak to a proper firm not a bunch of ambulance chasers/claims farmers.

    Much if not all of this work is "no win no fee" (called "conditional fee") nowadays, but you want a competent solicitor rather than a firm who are only in it for a quick (low) settlement and their cut with minimum fuss.

    The Law Society may help with a list of firms in your area who do the sort of work you're after.

    Word of mouth is also good.
  4. Dingerr: Irwin Mitchell based in Sheffield are specialists in medical negligence claims, my missus has had the misfortune of being totally ferked up twice first by a "top" surgeon, and then has had to undergo 4 hip replacements due to the American tossers who manufactured and distributed the faulty hip joints that leaked toxic metals and poisoned peoples livers/kidneys .

    In both cases the no win no fee was applied succesfully, the insurance side of it was not a problem Irwin Mitchell won both cases
    highly recommended. I will PM you contact details.
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  5. Have a look at RUSSELL, JONES AND WALKER ,

    Very succesful at taking on Government Agencies.
  6. They are also (or were anyway) the company the Police Federation uses to defend officers who get prosecuted for something. Heard good things of them working for cops who genuinely didn't deserve what happened.
  7. That's who I used.
  8. Medical negligence is not my speciality but I recall that it is very hard to prove - basically the docs can retreat behind "what a professional person would have done" in the circumstances which boils down to: has any other doctor used this product or performed this procedure and / or was it an accepted form of treatment at the time of the treatment? If so = game over, no fault found.

    Faulty products are different and liability probably lies against the manufacturer, unless it can be shown that the medics should have known the product was faulty.

    But speak to a specialist, I'm probably out of date. HTH.
  9. It's not about what they did, it's about what they didn't do.

    Clinical staff within the trust have already admitted that mistakes have been made and they've started their own investigation, we've started the complaints procedure, sent a letter to the CO of RCDM and sent a letter to my local MP.

    My local MP was denied asking questions in the house, because it was the same session that Army cuts were announced, however it has been pushed in other directions.
  10. Forgive me, I am being particularly ill-informed on whether this works, but could you not ask a sympathetic Lord in the upper chamber?
  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Irwin Mitchell in Holborn are good . they love a fight .
    Stevens innocent in the west end are good but might be pricey ... then there's PriNces Di's mob. cant remember their name for the minute. But their charge out rate is so (MISHCON rAYNOR ! ) high that a lot of folks ,including people i worked for , bail out Just in case they loose and have to pay everything or win but have to pay the costs. Call them get your free advice then get a quote for the job . People generally dont think to do that , when I say quote I mean estimate of course coz if you Win their fees shoot up . scuse crap typing bin up all night .
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    As someone else mentioned check your house/car insurance - they sometimes have Legal cover and they aren't always linked directly to what you are insured for.

  13. One of my best mates is an ambulance chasing barrister, a complete bastard by nature.
  14. AVMA (Home - AvMA) are an independent charity, specialising in medical negligence claims, that vets and lists law firms who pass their checks. You can use their 'find a solicitor' feature to find one locally. They also give out free advice and information via their helpline.

    *I know very little about them, except what I've read on their website.