Law and Order Priorities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Another example of what the justice system deems to be worthy of jail time in our overcrowded prison system...meanwhile, there have been numerous cases of bailed and paroled offenders killing the innocent.

    To paraphrase a saying: one council tax refuser can be sent to thousand council tax refusers can't.

  2. How can the courts justify sending a 71yr old priest to a high security prison when his only crime was refusing to pay his council tax.
  3. The government will have made sure that the court sent this clearly dangerous man to prison. If they didn't, other pensioners will be withholding their Council tax before you know it, and then there'd be no money for councils to spend on printing leaflets in a thousand languages, or providing teenage chav mothers with houses, or sending car thieves, muggers and vandals on adventure training hols, and turkey twizzlers to turn children into car thieves etc., and fund non-jobs for lefties (diversity officers and so on).

    The Council that brought the case are a disgrace too - I note they are using the 'just following orders' excuse.
  4. A high security prison!!!!!!!!!

    FFS! what do they expect this man to do? Inform the rest of the prison population about the real face of big brother and revolt against the party??? :roll:
  5. Mad the cutrys gone mad.
  6. We should all be like him and make a stand. Councils have to realise they can't simply keep putting taxes up and up each year and expect everybody to be able to afford it.
  7. If enough people refused to pay (say a couple of thousand) then the authorities could not jail them or put them through the courts without the media having a field day because of the impact on other cases (such as antisocial behaviour). Even better if they are OAPs.

    Moreover, if the local authorities or the government tried to come down heavy handed by staging special court sittings, then this would cause even more PR trouble.

    All it takes is some organisation. It worked for the poll tax.
  8. He was an easy target for the council. Bet they would not dare to go onto a chav estate to enforce and check payment.
  9. Well the muggers and murders have only offended against other people.

    This priest has offended against the state and that is a much more serious offence. :roll:

    Funny how if I do the same thing it is called "demanding money with menaces" but if the state does it it is called "Tax"!

    Anyone know what will happen with about the money he owes when he comes out of nick? Will he still have to pay it or does his jail time mean that he has been deemed to have paid it?

  10. We had a whole village withhold their council Tax last year in protest about a pikey infestation that the council refused to deal with.

    As far as I can remember they all got away with it, I may be wrong.