Lavasoft ad aware personal 2007

Is anyone else having a problem with it freezing mid scan? It will do a smart scan but gets stuck on a full scan, always on a different file, Lavasoft must be sick to death of getting crash reports off me! :(
Yes, me. Up until their "update" of their old application, everything was running perfectly. This latest incarnation seems to be a load of old tat, it freezes, it misses loads of stuff and I'm looking for something better
Thanks also, msr, didn't know avg/grisoft did anti spyware stuff.

As an aside, I've found that "windows washer" is a nice piece of kit to clear out cookies, temp files, etc, and doesn't cost a lot if you "shop sensibly"
Yeah, I was talking about crap cleaner with someone else today who also rated it highly.

Interesting that avg/grisoft offer so much. Almost makes me want to pay them,

Anything has to be better than trying to remove symantec crap from a pc!
i just ran that ewido onlinescanner and it found all SORTS of shi'ite, msr you are a gent :hug:
Seconded. Excellent. Thanks msr!!
Lavasoft ad aware personal 2007 i had the freezing problems and i found that it made mountains out of mole hills i scanned with it came back 13 issues used spybot and avg came back with nothing.

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