Laundry tax revate for TA soldiers

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Gents, has a link whereby if you are provided a uniform for work, (thats us) and no laundry facilities for washing said uniform,(thats most of us) we can claim £ 12 per year , up to six years backdated for laundering your uniform at home, by writing a simple letter to HMRC . Has anyone tried this . It looks like a simple £72 to me.
  2. Its been done before; there's a thread somewhere on it. You can't claim it back as you are supposedly able to get everything done through your CQMS, even though mine refuses to do anything bar gonk bag
  3. I had a uniform tax relief on my last payslip... though having just de-mobbed not sure if that was a reg pay or TA pay thing...
  4. No you can't. The G4 supply chain provides you with laundry facilities should you wish to take advantage of them. There is another thread about this somewhere.

  5. I got a nice post tour surprise when I got a tax bill of 12k last week due to chillwell not changing my tax code even though I got a letter saying it had been changed :)
  6. If you have corperate workwear in your civvy job you can claim it
  7. Not this again, why can't we have a new, fresh and untried thread for once? What about somebody asking when we get paid this month?
  8. When do we get paid this month? I was told it's Christmas Eve so we can go get drunk.
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  9. What the **** is a REVATE?????
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    £12 ...... £12 ........ Per year ....25pence a week ........ Hold's head is utter disbelief !!!
  11. banging-head-against-wall-11.jpg
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  12. If the TA actually washed their uniform once in a blue moon it would justify a rebate.

    You scruffy *******.
  13. Have you tried washing the uniform with your civvie rig at the same time? I bet that could work.
  14. It doesn't. Both sets of clothes just get on the internet and start calling each other *****. It's a non-starter.
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  15. H3

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    Sorry to take this in another direction but aren't you out Miss Snail ..... How's the conversion going on ??