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Laundry Soap?

Really stupid question to ask, but I'm an American Reservist, and while I was deployed to Kuwait/Southern Iraq I traded some of my kit for a pair of DPM shorts, a boonie, and a jacket... all of which smelled really good [as long as the nasty bugger didn't give me his dirty laundry] does anyone know what was used to wash this stuff in? I want to find it to use it at home.


War Hero
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Its fairy, FAIRY is an undoubted favourite of all deployed squadies.

Usually the favourite of the lager squadies as it is so good for the skin, simply ask the biggest squadie around for some fairy for your Box

:oops: :oops: 8O
Definately Fairy! We bulk bought some for our chaps before we went over and everyone wanted to borry some!! I don't know whether they have Fairy in the U.S though so good luck. Don't you yanks have good smelling laundry detergent then?

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