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  1. Just been watching the programme about Servants on BBC2, and laundry services came up.

    So this got me remembering about the service we used to have before we had washing machines in the blocks.

    I do remember as a junior soldier sending 10 items to the laundry every week, (I think we were allowed 2 civvy items). The items were ticked of on a card and a perforated part was kept by you. If you had a locker inspection and and were asked where you second pair of drawers cellular were, and you said at the laundry, you had to produce your part, or you were in trouble.

    I also remember on collection that phone numbers and girls names were written on the back of some(I dont remember getting one myself, but a few did).

    Of course sheet exchange once a week for singlies was still about in the 80's, I 'm sure there is a few on here who worked in this area in the QM's dept, maybe thats a reason I kept away from that employment throught my army career.

    When did the laundry sevice stop, I know there was a field one on exercise, any other stories funny or not, would be interesting to hear.

    Nostalgia?????, Eh.

  2. When away on the LPDs and LSLs of the Grey Funnel Line, the Chinese blokes operated the laundries down in the depths at the pointy end of the boats. Brilliant service, everything on the laundry ticket returned clean and ironed/starched.

    Possibly the only drawback I was aware of was that when doing sternwatch at night, the laundry wallers left freshly caught fish hanging on string over the air outlets from below decks, so all through the long dark watches you could be getting slapped round the head by a drying turbot (or similar dead fish).

    They were the days, (erm, nights).
  3. Sheet exchange still happens at both SEME & SEAE.
  4. Never seen buggers like them before for gambling. I swear if one of them fell overboard they'd lay bets on how many breaths they took before they drowned.
  5. Going away from the subject, My first tour of NI, we were on the Galahad (sailed from Liverpool) and someone mentioned a chinese guy was showing porn in in one of thier rooms, well it was a very choppie night, about 20 people showed up in this tiny bunk, place was packed, anyhoo, the film showed a particular sexual act(cant for the life of me what it was ) but somone puked, which caused a chain reaction, not a very nice trip, they wanted us to clean it up., no chance. Whoever cleaned it (the chinks), were a better man than me.

  6. The Chinese crew were an easy touch for duty frees. When the LSLs were in Marchwood they used to go across to Southampton on one of the Lighters or the Hubbards taxi service to the casino & you could guarantee most if not all of them would be skint when they came back
  7. Never seen buggers like
    There's a dit that one drowned during the Falklands when they abandoned ship - he carried his sack of cash with him and duly sank!

    Was always fun sending a sprog new-joiner down aft to them with a takeaway order for the mess!!!

    "No flucking dhobeeey!!!"